Prescription Sunglasses for Pickleball

Pickleball moves fast with fierce volleys and high-speed smashes — and the ever-present chance of a screaming shot to your face. As such, pickleball glasses have become a popular gear category with safety as their number one feature. But the best glasses do more than protect you from a pickleball. They also protect from harsh UV rays, dust, and wind. Taking the eyewear’s match-specific functionality to another level, various lens colors can boost contrasts and sharpness to let wearers see the ball faster in the bright sun or under the lights and night. Even better, players who wear prescription eyeglasses can enjoy the same benefits thanks to Rudy Project’s high-performance optics and frames. Below, we lay out how they do it.


Start with Rudy Project’s ImpactX® lenses. These patented polyurethane optical polymers come from the military and aerospace worlds and are shatterproof, lightweight, and remarkably durable. The lens is lighter than — and optically superior to — traditional polycarbonate options. Popular frames such as the Rudy Project Propulse, Tralyx+, and Cutline feature wide lenses, which protect the eyes from sideways glare, dust, and wind. Rudy lenses also provide UVA and UVB protection from direct sunlight or glare off the court, further shielding your eyes from damage.


ImpactX lenses are the height of photochromic lens technology. They immediately change their light transmission level (LTL) based on the amount of UV radiation hitting the lens. The result is one lens for all conditions, a critical cost-benefit for players who wear prescription glasses. Rudy Project photochromic sunglasses will be the only sports sunglasses they need, no matter when or where they play. 

Lens tint and mirroring also play a significant role in sunglasses’ performance. The right color will enhance sharpness and contrast; the wrong color won’t be as effective. For lens tints that work best against the green backdrop of the pickleball court, go with ImpactX Photochromic 2 Red or ImpactX Photochromic 2 Laser Purple. Mirrored lenses further cut glare from fatiguing the eyes.

All ImpactX lenses come with High Dynamic Range (HDR), which processes lightwaves unrecognized by the naked eye but still perceived in terms of color and sharpness. The result is the clearest on-court vision possible. 

Prescription Solutions

Pickleball is a sport that moves at high speeds, making clear vision absolutely critical. To help players who require prescription lenses, Rudy Project has partnered with MAXIMUS Optic to offer the cutting-edge Rx Shield for the Cutline and Tralyx+ sunglasses. With ghost oculars that are invisible from the outside, the Rx Shield uses advanced technology to emphasize mid-range and distance vision — ideal for players who want to see clearly whether they’re smashing a forehand from the baseline or executing the perfect dink from just outside the kitchen.

Ordering Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses

Level up your vision — and your pickleball game — with an eye exam and an updated prescription. Then, head to Rudy Project’s website to build your ultimate pickleball glasses. Choose a frame, lens color, coatings (anti-fog, anti-scratch, mirrored lenses), and enter your Rx. With that information, Rudy Project will let you know whether or not your frame and lens choice can be fulfilled.

Another option: Go to your nearest Rudy Project dealer/optometrist to try on frames and lenses in person. Then, have the optometrist fill out your order and confirm the glasses’ fit upon delivery.

Thanks to Rudy Project, prescription eyeglass wearers no longer need to suffer from poor vision on the court due to glasses better suited for watching a game than playing one. With shatterproof lenses, enhanced lens tint choices and coatings, and seamless prescription optics, Rudy Project eyewear and sunglasses have pickleballers covered.