Rudy Project Italian Crafted Readers with Blue Light Blocking LensesRudy Project Italian Crafted Readers with Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Rudy Project Readers

Our new Rudy Project reader collection features the highest quality Italian frames that are lightweight, fully adjustable and so comfortable that you’ll forget you have them on. We feature prescription quality reader lenses that are equipped with blue light filtering technology, anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings designed to eliminate harmful blue light and cut harsh glare when working at close distances (great for computers, tablets and smartphones to reading, jewelry work and crafting). Available in magnifications powers from +.5 to +3.0.
crystal clear clarity

We all need it at some point and when it's your time, we have the solution.

Rudy Project Italian crafted reader eyeglasses allow you to read any size text on any device, anytime.

Italian crafted Rudy Project readers
Rudy Project Step 02 Eyeglasses


all day comfort

Eyeglasses that are lightweight, but stay snug while playing hard can be difficult to find.

Rudy Project offers a specialized selection of Italian crafted frames built using advanced materials and craftsmanship to provide the ultimate in advanced features that enable you to see confidently during any situation.

Rudy Project Readers
Rudy Project Eyeglasses for active people
Rudy Project reader with optional flip-up sun lenses.Rudy Project reader with optional flip-up sunlens.
advanced features

add flip-up
sun lenses

*Available in the Inkas and Inkas XL models