Rudy Project Sustainable Eyewear Made With Rilsan Clean Bio-Plastic

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Rudy Project eyewear made with Rilsan® Clear bio-plastic materials are more than high-performance sport sunglasses and eyewear, they symbolize our brand's #RidetoZero commitment. Learn more about #RidetoZero.

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reduced environmental footprint

Drawing from four decades of experience in research and development for product improvement, we're driven to focus our future efforts to lower the emissions of our products, making a strong effort towards better environmental sustainability.

Rudy Project Rilsan Clear bio-plastic frame material is just the beginning of our pledge to lower the emissions of our products and do our part to aid in the movement to a better environmental sustainability.

Rilsan Clear®

In our pursuit of sustainable frame material innovations, we're expanding the use of Rilsan Clear®, a bio-plastic derived from 45% castor oil grown by certified farmers in Gujarat, India, who adopt improved farm waste manegement practices. This environmentally conscious material enables us to reduce our reliance on fossil-based materials for eyewear frames, aligning with our committment to sustainable and responsible manufacturing.

All of the eyewear in this collection are made with Rilsan Clear® - a high performance sustainable and bio-based polymer of 100% renewable origin.

Rudy Project Rilsan Clear frame material is environmentally friendly for a more sustainable future.
Rudy Project #RidetoZero Program

Sustainability. It's our responsibility.



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