Rudy Project ImpactX Photochromic Lenses - Advanced sport sunglass optics for the athlete in all of us.

One Lens, Any Condition

ImpactX® lenses offer smooth transitions between different light conditions, ensuring UV protection along with it's unmatched impact resistance.

Unlike other photochromic lenses which use a film, ImpactX® lenses are fused in the mass of the polymer itself with a complex manufacturing process making them more resistant to the elements and optically superior to other lens materials.

ImpactX® photochromic lenses are available in unique colors that are designed to work in any activity and adapt to all weather and lighting conditions faster than any other photochromic lens.


Along with it’s unmatched impact resistance, ImpactX® material has the highest ABBE value (dispersion of light measurement that reduces color and image distortion) making it the highest optical quality material.

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ImpactX® lenses are 16% lighter than CR-39 and 10% lighter than polycarbonate and provide sharper images, higher definition and reduce "rainbowing" to provide exceptional visual comfort.


The unique colors of our ImpactX® HDR lenses are designed to filter out the unnecessary colrs to provide better contrats and depth perception.

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The ImpactX® 2 Lens Collection

ImpactX® 2Black

The ImpactX® 2Black lenses by Rudy Project represent the cutting edge in photochromic technology for active sports enthusiasts. These lenses stand out for their ability to start from an almost crystal-clear transparency, perfectly adapting to changes in light. Without the HDR treatment, the ImpactX® 2Black lenses do not alter colour differences, making them ideal for athletes seeking a pure vision and not requiring specific chromatic management.

This feature makes them extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of sports, particularly those practised on the road, where lighting conditions can change rapidly. Perfect for cyclists, runners, and outdoor sports enthusiasts, ImpactX® 2Black lenses are the ideal choice for those looking for performance, advanced technology, and reliability in all weather conditions.

74% Light Transmission - Non Activated
9% Light Transmission - Activated

ImpactX® 2Laser Black

The ImpactX® 2Laser Black lenses by Rudy Project represent the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Unlike the ImpactX® 2Black, the ImpactX® 2Laser Black lenses start from a darker shade when not activated and, once exposed to light, they do not darken as much as their predecessors, thus offering an optimal balance between protection and visibility.

The real point of distinction is their exclusive laser engraving, making them ideal for those who want to combine maximum performance with a strong visual identity, without compromising on functionality. The ImpactX® 2Laser Black lenses are therefore the ideal choice for all athletes who do not want to sacrifice style and performance, especially in outdoor disciplines where protection from the elements and visual clarity are essential.

62% Light Transmission - Non Activated
13% Light Transmission - Activated

ImpactX® 2Laser Brown

The ImpactX® 2Laser Brown lenses from Rudy Project stand out for their extraordinary adaptability and performance in outdoor environments, particularly for off-road and gravel enthusiasts. When not activated, these lenses have significant transparency, ready to transform upon exposure to sunlight.

Thanks to the HDR treatment, once activated, the ImpactX® 2Laser Brown lenses not only protect the eyes from glare but also enhance vision, vividly highlighting the brown, white, and yellow colours of the surrounding environment. This feature makes them particularly suitable for athletes who venture off-road, where contrast and colour definition can make a difference in perceiving details and ensuring path safety.

73% Light Transmission - Non Activated
17% Light Transmission - Activated

HDR Contrast Lens

ImpactX® 2Laser Crimson

The ImpactX® 2Laser Crimson lenses by Rudy Project are the epitome of protection and performance for athletes facing the most extreme brightness conditions. These lenses stand out for starting off dark and further intensifying until they reach a light transmission of only 6% once activated outdoors.

This feature makes them particularly suitable for protecting against intense sunlight at high altitudes or against the strong glare generated by surfaces such as sand or other highly reflective materials. The ImpactX® 2Laser Crimson lenses are therefore the ideal option for athletes requiring effective defense against strong sun exposure, ensuring clear and protected vision in scenarios where light is particularly intense and potentially harmful.

25% Light Transmission - Non Activated
6% Light Transmission - Activated

HDR Contrast Lens

ImpactX® 2Laser Purple

The Rudy Project ImpactX® 2Laser Purple lenses represent a remarkable innovation in the field of sports lenses, designed for athletes who move in various outdoor environments. Even when not activated, these lenses appear with a particularly dark shade, ready to offer immediate protection from sunlight.

Upon activation outdoors, the ImpactX® 2Laser Purple lenses stand out for their HDR treatment, which enhances chromatic differences, especially in green and white hues. This characteristic makes them extraordinarily versatile, adapting perfectly for use on the road as well as in more specific contexts such as golf or off-road adventures. They are therefore the ideal choice for those seeking a versatile lens that can adapt to multiple outdoor disciplines, while ensuring superior protection and an unprecedented visual experience.

48% Light Transmission - Non Activated
8% Light Transmission - Activated

HDR Contrast Lens

ImpactX® 2Red

The ImpactX® 2Red lenses stand out for their excellence in off-road activities such as trail running and mountain biking. Characterized by an initial transparency of 76% when inactive, these lenses dynamically adapt to external light, reaching a darkening of up to 17%.

This property makes them extraordinarily effective in enhancing visibility and crucial colour contrasts such as brown, white, and green, essential for quickly and accurately identifying obstacles. The ImpactX® 2Red lenses are therefore the preferred choice for athletes who require impeccable vision and reliable protection in their outdoor adventures.

76% Light Transmission - Non Activated
17% Light Transmission - Activated

HDR Contrast Lens

ImpactX® 2Laser Red

The ImpactX® 2Laser Red lenses, with their distinctive laser-cutting process, further enhance the aesthetics and functionality for off-road athletes. Starting with a light transmission of 75% when inactive, these lenses intensify to 16% under direct light, offering a slight advantage in terms of reduced light transmission compared to ImpactX® 2Red.

In addition to optimal performance in enhancing critical colours for terrain recognition – brown, white, and green – the distinctive feature of ImpactX® 2Laser Red lies in their exclusive design, achieved through the laser-cutting process. This not only makes them visually appealing but also improves visual quality for athletes who prioritize both functionality and style. Ideal for trail running, mountain biking, and other outdoor adventures, ImpactX® 2Laser Red are designed for those who do not want to compromise between performance and appearance.

75% Light Transmission - Non Activated
16% Light Transmission - Activated

HDR Contrast Lens

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