Must-Have Pickleball Equipment: High-Performance Sunglasses

best sunglasses for pickleball

When it comes to essential pickleball gear, sunglasses rank right up there with paddles and court shoes. That’s because the best sunglasses for pickleball do much more than cut reflected glare off the court and ease eye strain from the bright sun. They also protect your eyes from shots deflected off your partner’s paddle or overhead smashes when you’re close to the net, protecting the kitchen. As such, your pickleball glasses deserve the same attention you give your choice in footwear or paddle. 

Let’s look at some key features to consider when picking out the best pickleball sunglasses for you. 

Clear Vision for a Better Game

Rudy Project’s Rydon, Propulse, and Traylx+ sunglasses offer broad, curved lenses that cover your entire field of vision. Besides keeping your optics consistent from side to side, the wide lens also blocks distracting glare from entering through the sides of your lenses. It does the same for dust and debris, which is especially critical if you play outside.

All of Rudy Project’s sunglasses come in various lens tints to suit a range of activities and seasons. For pickleball, though, go with ImpactX® Laser Purple lenses if your games usually take place on outdoor courts in bright conditions. The Laser Purple tint is dark enough to block out direct sunlight while enhancing contrast and color saturation. Both attributes improve depth perception and make the yellow ball “pop” against the background. 

Playing indoors or under artificial lights at night? Go with our ImpactX 2 Red lens, as it offers the vibrant contrast and definition you need to see the court — and the ball — clearly, even without the brilliance of natural sunlight. 

best sunglasses for pickleball

When considering protective glasses, many players think about physical protection from the ball, and this is another area where Rudy Project’s ImpactX lenses really deliver. These innovative lenses are made from patented polyurethane optical polymers developed for military applications, which means they serve as an unbreakable barrier between a high-speed pickleball and your eyes. 

In addition to the physical safety they provide, the UV protection offered by Rudy Project pickleball sunglasses is reason enough to wear them on the court. And it’s not just sunlight or reflected glare that’s the problem. Even intense outdoor lighting (think sports stadiums) can emit harmful UV rays. All of Rudy Project’s lenses offer 100% UV protection.

Strategic Advantage

For pickleball players competing at a high level, any edge can make a difference between winning a point or losing the game. Sunglasses offer the advantage of shielding your eyes from your opponents. This makes it more difficult for other players to read your eyes, especially on service returns and deep shots from behind the baseline. For example, you can fake a return shot down the line but rocket a cross-court winner instead. 

Even better, the broad coverage offered by Rudy Project’s lenses allows you to see clearly to either side of your glasses so you can exaggerate the misdirection with your head. Your opponents will never know.

From clarity in all conditions to protection from sun and errant shots, the best pickleball glasses are ones that you wear for every match. And if they deliver a confidence boost to your game on top of superior optical performance, that’s a bonus. Try it and see for yourself. Optics matter.