Maximum safety, advanced aerodynamics, and record-breaking ventilation. Nytron is the aero helmet providing winning protection combined with comfort and versatility.


Nytron blends superior aerodynamic performance with an amazingly compact and light design.  It was developed and engineered in collaboration with aerodynamic experts Swiss Side who performed extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics and wind tunnel testing. The Nytron’s structure features four In-Mold EPS liners which ensure maximum protection and shock absorption, while also keeping the helmet extremely lightweight and ventilated.


Ventilation makes Nytron a game changer in the aero road helmet category. Many scientific studies demonstrate that head cooling enhances performance by significantly reducing the negative effects associated with rising core body temperature. For this reason, Nytron has been designed to combine the ultimate in aerodynamic performance with the best possible ventilation. Intensive wind tunnel testing has proven that Nytron’s fifteen scientifically configured vents and internal directional airflow channels ensure unparalleled ventilation regardless of rider position.

Nytron’s ventilation provides unsurpassed heat dissipation and therefore better internal body temperature regulation. This ventilation provides a clear benefit to an athlete's performance for road, triathlon, and time trial challenges.


These two elements are most often at odds in the development of an aerodynamic helmet. A very ventilated helmet provokes turbulence which negatively affects aerodynamics, but ventilation benefits physical performance. Because overall performance is what matters most for an athlete, we have conducted extensive testing in the wind tunnel to find the right balance of aerodynamics and ventilation for the development of the Rudy Project helmet collection.

“Triathletes and cyclists often face the most important races of the season in hot and humid weather conditions. These conditions can lead to deterioration, sometimes substantial, of physical performance. Training sessions and races at temperatures above 30-32 degrees Celsius with high relative humidity increase the workload of the cardiovascular, nervous, and metabolic systems due to rising core body temperature.

“There is an infinite number of scientific studies showing that during endurance physical activities, body heating and the significant increase in core temperature tend to increase brain response times, decrease response accuracy, and generally affect physical capabilities. It is also widely demonstrated that head cooling is able to counteract these tendencies by mitigating the negative effects of increasing internal body temperature.

“Further scientific contributions have shown that scalp temperature can be considered an important factor in perceived head and overall body comfort, even in scenarios where the internal body temperature remains high. During physical exercise in high heat and humidity, the subjective perception of increased fatigue and workload on the cardiovascular system with consequent decrease in performance is certainly related to the increase in skin temperature, as well as an increase in internal body temperature, which causes critical decreases in cognitive performance.

“A helmet with superior internal ventilation ensures greater heat dissipation, and therefore better thermoregulation and homeostasis of the body’s internal temperature, to the benefit of the athlete's performance capabilities.”

Roberto Corsetti – Sports Doctor


Nytron is equipped with our lightweight and durable RSR 10 dial adjustable retention system. It enhances the helmet fit with a wraparound structure which can also be micro-adjusted vertically to further customize individual fit.

Size S-M

55-58 cm

21.7-22.8 inches

Size L

59-61 cm

23.2-24 inches

"Rudy Project has done an impressive job at taking the basic elements from helmets over the years and blending them into next-level performance improvements to produce the Nytron. When bikes are referred to as a “quiver killer” it means it’s one to replace many solutions. In terms of a helmet “quiver killer,” the Nytron would be that helmet." Read more on Triathlete.