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      Patrol Pack for Rudy Project sunglasses. Capable of securing a pair of sunglasses, up to 4 pairs of spare lenses and soft cleaning cloth in one case.

      *Sunglasses, spare lenses and cleaning cloth sold separately.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      well designed, but

      some of the foam began detaching from the inside of the hard shell almost immediately. A little contact cement seems to have taken care of it, though.

      Andrew Cohen
      A perfect multi-lens solution

      The hard case that came with my Cutlines was excellent and sufficient until I purchased a few additional lenses. The Patrol Pack is the perfect carrying/storage solution to ensure your glasses, spare lenses, cleaning cloth, etc. stays safe and secure. Easy to throw into a bag you'll never be digging around or wondering where you left your glasses and spare lenses.

      Jayakumar Somasundaram
      Great protective case!!!

      If you have multiple lenses, this is a great accessory to have. Its not a hard shell but does the job and handy with all replacements lenses in single case.

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