The Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

For decades, polarized sunglasses have been the go-to choice for watermen and waterwomen thanks to the polarized lenses’ ability to eliminate glare from refracted light bouncing off wet or shiny surfaces like water (and snow). This feature lets anglers see through the surface of the water better, spot contrasts and movement with more clarity — and place that fly or lure right where they want it. 

But polarized lenses are only the first step to better vision. The color lens you choose also matters, with different lens colors better suited to specific conditions, locations, and water. Use our guide below to find the right color for your fishing passion.

Best Lens Color for Fishing

Offshore & Deep Sea

Blue mirrored lenses excel in bright, sunny conditions with lots of glare bouncing off the water. The blue lens color absorbs blue light coming from the sky and the water, while the mirrored lens helps cut glare. The result is a sunglass that reduces eye strain and lets you see motion in the water more clearly. 

Rudy Project Pick: Keyblade with Polar 3FX HDR Multilaser Blue Lenses

Inshore & Sight Fishing

Green lenses enhance contrast and boost clarity when fishing against a green backdrop or in water dense with vegetation. The green lenses also make the fish stand out in dirty or muddy water.

Rudy Project Pick: Stardash with Polarized Green G15 Lenses

Dawn, Dusk, or Cloudy Conditions

Opt for orange, red, or yellow lenses when the sun’s low in the sky or hidden behind clouds. Even in low-light conditions, you’ll still benefit from the high contrast and the aforementioned polarization. Choose yellow lenses if you fish primarily at dawn or dusk, both of which present extreme low-light conditions.

Rudy Project Pick: Rydon with Polar 3FX HDR Multilaser Red Lenses

Sight Fishing & Low Light

Amber or copper lenses offer the best contrast for seeing fish across a host of conditions and in bright sun. The colors’ versatility makes them the go-to choices if you could only pick one lens color for your needs and still want the high-contrast that an amber- or copper-colored lens delivers.

Rudy Project Pick: Rydon Slim with Polar 3FX Brown Laser Lenses

All-Around Conditions

Gray lenses don’t provide the high-contrast clarity of colored lenses, but they’re appropriate for anglers who like to see true colors and fish in various conditions. Opt for mirrored lenses to cut glare for offshore or deep-sea fishing.

Rudy Project Pick: Spinair 57 with Polar 3FX Gray Laser Lenses

Photochromic Sunglasses for Fishing

Photochromic polarized sunglasses react to UV light, with their lenses turning clear in the absence of UV rays at night or indoors and quickly darkening in the bright sun. Thanks to this versatility, they offer the best all-day protection against glare and harsh light and work in low-to-no-light conditions.