The Versatility of Rudy Project Lifestyle Sport Sunglasses

Finding one pair of sunglasses that doubles as casual shades and performance eyewear is easier than ever today. Lightweight frames and a host of high-quality lenses and lens colors mean choosing a pair of lifestyle sports sunglasses over a pair of specialized sports sunglasses will take care of the most critical reasons for wearing sunglasses: to see better in the bright sun and to protect your eyes from UV rays. And let’s be honest; the sunglasses you want to wear in any situation are the ones you’ll wear the most. 

Let’s take a closer look at why well-designed sport sunglasses can bridge the gap between athletic performance and personal style.

Today’s Lifestyle Sport Sunglasses are Built for Your Active Life

When you’re choosing a pair of lifestyle sunglasses to wear in multiple settings, quality matters. Lifestyle sports sunglasses feature the same premium lens technology and manufacturing as specialized sports sunglasses. In terms of vision and lens options, there’s no sacrifice. Polarized lenses, photochromatic lenses, and prescription options for all of them make them highly versatile.

Of course, depending on the settings and situations where you’ll be wearing your shades, style can be just as important. Thanks to designs that are less performance-aggressive than their predecessors, modern sport casual sunglasses can be worn more often. From recreational activities like boating, golf, hiking, and fishing to social events and friendly get-togethers, these sunglasses are the perfect choice.

For even more versatility, casual sports sunglasses such as Rudy Project’s Spinair 57’s feature rubber nose pads and adjustable temple tips to dial in a custom fit and hold the frame securely on your head during activities. They come in a variety of lens sizes to satisfy your need for more lens coverage — or less, depending on your personal style.

The Takeaway: Find the Lifestyle Sunglasses That Work For You

Your eye health is too important to risk because of a fashion choice or performance preference. The last thing you want to do is leave your sunglasses behind simply because they’re not stylish enough or not appropriate for your sport. Whatever factors you consider when choosing between sunglasses for sports and casual everyday wear, just make sure you go with the shades that you want to wear. That makes all the difference.