The Latest Sunglass Technology from Rudy Project


Sunglass technology can and should offer so much more than clear vision. They should also serve as a kind of superpower, one that delivers, yes, clear vision, but also better vision through improved visual clarity in all directions and reduced eye strain and fatigue. They should protect the eyes from impacts, moisture, dust, and wind, not to mention the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB radiation. They should adapt to changing light conditions and intensity. In short, they should perform like Rudy Project. Come with us as we go through the full range of lens and frame tech that make Rudy Project eyewear a go-to choice for individuals seeking their best performances.

Lightweight Lenses

Rudy Project’s ImpactX® lenses are made from patented polyurethane optical polymers that result in a shatterproof, flexible, and lightweight lens. Developed originally for the military and space programs, ImpactX® lenses, in addition to being 10-16% lighter than competitor lenses, also feature lower chromatic dispersion. Translation: sharper vision and definition. 

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses automatically switch quickly from clear to dark and back again depending upon a change in the light present. Rudy Project’s ImpactX® photochromic lenses fuse these photochromic particles into their lenses for superior optics and long-lasting durability. Bonus: even in cloudy or low-light environments where the lenses look clear, a slight tint in the lens will help wearers see sharper details and enjoy improved depth perception over lenses without photochromic properties. 

Polarized Lenses

Polarized sunglasses technology has long been the go-to lens treatment for water- and snow-based activities. It filters out all UV wavelengths and eliminates glare from headlights, the sun, or reflected light bouncing off wet or icy surfaces. Rudy Project tunes the High Dynamic Range (HDR) filter in its Polar 3FX HDR polarized lens to refine the intensities of various light waves to produce a lens with enhanced visual perception and contrast definition.

Lens Tints

A rainbow of lens tints from Rudy Project ensures wearers have the right color for the right environment: Copper lens  for all around conditions; brown for bright sunlight; blue for variable light conditions, especially on the water; rose or pink for low-light, shady terrain; green for lush vegetation such as a forest or golf course; and yellow for cloudy, low-light to no light activities. And for traditionalists, the neutral properties of gray lenses allow the wearer to see true colors.

Lens Coatings

To make glasses easier to live with, Rudy Project developed its 3FX Coating to make them easier to live with and more durable. The coating creates a hydrophobic barrier on the outside of the lens to minimize smudges from finger and water spots. It also makes wiping the lens clean a snap.

Anti-fog coatings on the inside of lenses reduce the ability of heat from the skin to fog up the lens. An anti-reflective coating on the inside of a lens—mostly used with gray lenses—mitigates the visual distraction of refracted light off the face from obscuring vision through the lens.

Prescription Lenses

Athletes who wear prescription glasses don’t need to sacrifice optical performance thanks to Rudy Project’s ImpactX® Rx lenses. In addition to the lens’s impact resistance, lightweight, and flexibility, Rudy Project digitally maps the prescription into the lens, compensating for its wraparound design so that the wearer enjoys a full field of vision with no distortion toward the edges of the lens.

Rudy Project has even thought of active folks with strong prescriptions that won’t work with their thinner lenses. Their Optical Dock system allows users to swap their clear lenses for prescription sunglass lenses and still enjoy Rudy Project’s lightweight, stylish design.