The Case for Prescription Sports Glasses

Prescription glasses for sports have come a long way in recent decades. Today, they combine clear, corrected vision with lightweight, well-ventilated frames and lenses in various lens colors and shapes. Best of all, modern prescription sport sunglasses don’t sacrifice the high-quality optics and durability of their non-prescription versions. No need to keep a pair of contact lenses on hand for when you want to wear sports sunglasses. No need to think that poor eyesight resigns you to lame frames better suited to sitting by the pool instead of charging into a run, bike ride, or another active pursuit. Once you try a pair of sport prescription glasses customized to your Rx, you’ll finally see what you’ve been missing.

Prescription Cycling Sunglasses or Prescription Running Sunglasses: The Benefits are the Same

Whether you ride or run, investing in a high-quality pair of prescription shades not only makes you see better, it makes getting outside that much easier. There’s no need to fuss with contacts and eye drops. If you have frames with swappable lenses, you can always have the perfect lens color for all conditions: lighter (yellow or red) for overcast days; darker (brown or purple) for bright sun; photochromic, light-adaptive lenses for variable light settings.

Rudy Project’s Quick Change Technology lets you swap out lenses with ease. You can go from contacts with non-prescription lenses to prescription lenses or from low-light lenses to dark sunglasses in just seconds. The flexibility is a snap.

Into water or snow sports? Opt for polarized prescription lenses that cut the glare off the water or ice and let you see what’s in that water or under that ice more clearly. Of course, you can make outdoor pursuits even easier with prescription photochromic lenses that quickly change from clear to dark depending on how much direct UV light hits the lenses. In that case, you have the one pair of prescription glasses you need for all conditions.

Prescription or Bi-Focals for Your Sports Vision Needs

If you need to wear glasses or contacts every day, then stick with prescription sports sunglasses for your active lifestyle needs. If your prescription requires bifocals or even trifocals, look into sports sunglasses that can handle a progressive lens that seamlessly transitions from nearsighted to farsighted vision correction. 

If your general vision’s fine but you need reading glasses, don’t feel that you have to invest in full-fledged prescription sunglasses. Products like the Rudy Project Rydon Readers marry a clear sunglasses lens with a reading magnification lens along the bottom so users can easily read their cycling computer or GPS watch during a run.

The Perfect Set of Prescription Sports Glasses Starts at Your Eye Care Professional

You can find the ideal prescription sunglasses by going to a local Rudy Project dealer near you. These eye care professionals know our sunglasses and how to fit them to your vision — and your face.

Put simply, the lighter your eyeglass prescription, the more options you’ll have for Rx sports glasses. The strength of the prescription determines lens thickness, so stronger prescriptions will have thicker lenses, which may limit your options because the additional thickness can distort your view at the edges. This distortion can be dangerous when you’re trying to navigate twists and turns. However, Rudy Project combines the ability to provide a plethora of options specifically designed for strong prescriptions. The ability to digitally apply a prescription onto its lenses lessens the chances of distortion across a variety of its prescription sports lenses. The key is to get a frame that matches and optimizes your prescription.

That said, even those with the strongest prescription can still enjoy the benefits of sports sunglasses thanks to Rudy Project”s Optical Docks. The docks are specifically designed to reduce thickness, lessen weight, and optimize vision; while providing the same coverage and protection you would get from any other sport frame. 

Remember that your best vision starts with a trip to your eye care professional for an updated vision prescription. Once you have that, you can work with them to find the best prescription sports glasses. And we even make that part easy. To see your options and build the perfect set of prescription sports eyewear, click here