Rudy Project Teams Up With The National Cycling League Changing The Game Of Professional Cycling

SAN CLEMENTE, CA, March 28, 2023 – Rudy Project, North America (NA), announces its partnership with the National Cycling League’s (NCL) NCL Cup series, a ten-team invitational race series competing for a share of a record-setting $1 million prize purse.

With its sponsorship, Rudy Project demonstrates its desire to be involved in revolutionizing the future of professional cycling. Specifically, they were drawn to NCL’s foundational values of diversity, sustainability, equality, and community; which includes the league’s unique format featuring “men and women competing on the same team, on the same course, in a way that respects their differences, yet weighs their performances and values their contributions equally.”

Iconic race venues are another feature of the league. The NCL Cup Series schedule includes races in Miami Beach, Florida (April 8); Atlanta, Georgia (May 14); Denver, Colorado (August 13); and Washington, D.C. (September 17). Complete details of the NCL Cup race series include:

  • Over $1 million in prize money
  • Mixed gender teams contribute equally to the score
  • Ten city-based teams competing against each other
  • Two 30-lap races on a 1.5 - 2 kilometer course
  • Team points earned every lap
  • Points tracked on a scoreboard
  • Fans can watch for free in person or stream live globally on GCN+

“We are always looking for opportunities to support leagues and teams who are committed to advancing the sport of cycling,” says Chris Lupo, Director of Sports Marketing, Rudy Project North America. “The NCL checks all of the boxes. They have created an inclusive league that features a series of fast-paced, fan-friendly, globally broadcast races taking place on the most iconic streets in the most iconic cities throughout the country. We are thrilled to be part of something that is certainly taking the sport of professional cycling in the United States to the next level.”

In addition to being a key partner of the NCL, Rudy Project also sponsors the Miami Nights Cycling Team, one of the ten city-based teams competing for the NCL Cup. The team trains and competes in top-tier road, criterium, and stage races nationwide while utilizing Rudy Project helmets, sunglasses, eyewear, and other equipment.

“I saw an opportunity to reinvent the sport I love; to bring the passion and excitement of cycling to the next generation of fans. I wanted to reduce the knowledge barrier of becoming a fan by adding a scoreboard and creating a league structure that mimics most other professional sports. I also wanted to reduce the time investment by making it shorter, faster, and more action-packed. And that is how the NCL was born,” says Paris Wallace, Co-Founder and CEO of NCL.

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