How to Choose Pickleball Glasses

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If you’re looking for an edge on the pickleball court, here’s an easy way to improve your game: Get yourself a pair of the best sunglasses for pickleball. Not only will you see the ball better and be able to respond faster, you’ll do your eyes a favor by protecting them from the sun’s harmful UV rays — and the occasional overhead smash from your opponent. Between lens color, lens coverage, and frame fit, the features of pickleball sunglasses do more than simply stop you from squinting on a bright court. They can help you play your best. Here’s how.

Best Lenses for Pickleball Glasses

Purple or Red lenses provide the best contrast of the light green or yellow pickleball against the dark blue or green court and blue sky. Better contrast means your eyes can pick out and lock in on the ball faster than they could without sunglasses. Playing in the early morning or during the bright sun a lot? Make sure your lenses are photochromic so they can adjust to the atmospheric conditions these different playing times present. 

Rudy Project sport sunglasses with our ImpactX Laser Purple or Laser Red lenses are perfect for both tennis and pickleball.

You will find these lens colors in many of our various sport sunglasses that are loaded with total adjustability and advanced anti-fog features to fit your needs and personal style.

A wraparound lens that covers your field of vision will aid your peripheral vision, helping you see the ball or your teammate moving beside you more clearly. Wrap lenses with a vertical curvature promise the cleanest optics throughout your entire field of vision. 

If you wear prescription glasses, invest in a set of prescription pickleball sunglasses in the colors above, and depending upon the strength of your Rx, curved lenses as well. Wondering which shades will offer that combination? Check out the Rudy Project Rydon for a full range of lens colors available in prescription.

Pickleball Protective Eyewear

Yes, protecting your eyes in pickleball is real. In the kitchen, competitors are less than 14 feet apart, and the game moves fast with little room to avoid or protect yourself from a fast-paced pickleball heading for your face. A pair of shatter-resistant sunglasses will protect your eyes in these situations and give you the confidence to step up to the kitchen and speed up your game.

Beyond physical protection, pickleball sunglasses should prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from damaging your eyes. Look for UVA and UVB protection in your sunglasses for full coverage.

How to Find the Best Pickleball Sunglasses for You

Look for a lightweight yet durable marriage of lenses and frames. The glasses should fit snugly, adjusting to dial-in a perfect fit on your nose and temples (see Rudy Project’s flexible frames). The lenses should be made from a shatterproof, lightweight material such as the polyurethane polymer used in Rudy Project’s ImpactX lenses. You want sunglasses that stay in place no matter how quick and aggressive your pickleball game gets. 

Pay attention to how well the sunglasses vent hot air. Look for airflow cut-outs and a frame that doesn’t block heat from escaping through the top of the lens. This will make them less likely to fog up in the middle of a match. 

If you find yourself playing indoors as much as outdoors, consider photochromic lenses, which quickly turn from dark to clear in the absence of sunlight. This way, you’ll be set no matter what conditions you play in: bright sun, overcast, under lights, or indoors.

What to Avoid in Pickleball Glasses

While pickleball sunglasses with gray lenses are fine for protecting your eyes from a whizzing ball and the sun’s UV rays, they don’t provide the high-contrast, clear vision that red, amber/orange, and brown lenses do. Polarized lenses do a fantastic job of cutting through glare, which is why they’re preferred for water sports and recreation. On the court, however, the polarized treatment tends to make your vision flatter, reducing the depth perception you need to perfect the timing and power of your pickleball stroke.

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Now that you have an idea of the types of lenses that support your dominance on the pickleball court and the frame features needed to help you perform at your peak, take a look at our award winning sport sunglasses that are perfect for pickleball.

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