Elevate Your Pickleball Game Through Better Optics

The sport of pickleball has taken the country by storm with giant indoor/outdoor clubs, professional circuits, and TV coverage. And with that growth, millions of participants are learning how important their pickleball glasses are to their game. Beyond the protection from an overhead smash to the face, pickleball sunglasses with the right lens tint can boost contrast and sharpness of vision. This game-changing combo lets you pick up the ball faster, shortening your reaction time and giving you a split-second more to set up your return shot. And don’t forget the way UVA and UVB ray protection reduce the glare off a bright court or from overhead lights.

The Best Pickleball Glasses

Rudy Project’s Propulse Sunglasses rank as the top choice for pickleballers —the ultralight wraparound design stays secure and comfortable, even during the most intense rallies. Even more important are the available photochromic ImpactX® lenses that adjust to changing light levels automatically, providing sharper images and higher definition in any playing conditions. From first serves to long rallies, seeing the ball is critical. These lenses enhance details and depth perception, allowing the ball to stand out from the background. For green courts and bright days, the Laser Purple tint adds the perfect contrast while keeping the background true to natural color, enabling you to see the ball more clearly. For low-light conditions — early morning and late evening matches — the ImpactX 2 Red lenses adjust to the background colors and the color of the ball, making the ball pop visually. 

For players who face a wide range of outdoor temperatures and conditions, the Tralyx+ Sunglasses provide the perfect blend of clarity, comfort, and ventilation. The lightweight, shatterproof ImpactX® lenses come with an anti-fog coating inside the lens to mitigate fog during hot, humid play or during cold spring and fall games. The large one-piece curved lens offers a full range of vision and superior protection from dust, wind, and glare. Vent holes along the edges provide optimal airflow behind the lens. Best of all, a photochromic version of the lens can do it all: working flawlessly under an intense desert sun or harsh flood lights. Its photochromic properties will switch the lens from dark to clear in seconds, depending on how much sunlight is present.

Both Propulse and Traylx+ frames move air through the sunglasses with specially designed cut-outs along the bridge and temple arms that make it easy for air to move onto and off your face. Adjustable nose and temple grips hold the frames comfortably snug on your head, staying put during the most intense rallies in the kitchen.  

A Frame for Every Game

Propulse and Tralyx+ are top-performance choices for pickleball, but you have multiple options. Rudy Project’s line of pickleball sunglasses lets you select the frames and lenses that fit your game and suit your style. From the Rydon’s 26 different lens color options and signature swappable lens kits to the heightened physical protection offered by the Agent Q’s, Rudy Project has you covered when you step on the court.