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      Fits Defender family sunglasses.

      • Parameter Range: -4.00 to +2.00
      • A=50mm
      • B=37mm
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      William Fuchs
      Defender Rx Insert

      Sports sunglasses with this type of Rx adapter are rare. A viable option if cost is an issue, or you want to switch out the tinted main lens, or have a need for a progressive/bifocal prescription. These fit the Defender well- they are quite a low profile (a concern when I ordered), and the Defender's nose bridge can be adjusted outward so they fit without eyelashes brushing the Rx lens, it however will push the glasses themselves a couple of mm further out. Still the fit is excellent. Rimless means that peripheral transitions fade to nothing.

      The one concern I found is that I did need the help of a computer repair scribe to nudge the adapter into place.

      Craig P
      Fantastic Shooting Glasses

      First pair of prescription shooting glasses and these are great. Perfect fit and finish. Prescription requirements were perfect.

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