Rudy Project Partners with Team Zoot

San Clemente, Calif. – Rudy Project North America and Zoot Sports have announced that the two brands have entered a partnership that will add value to Zoot Sports’ long-running amateur multisport team while expanding Rudy Project’s already broad commitment to teams in the triathlon space.

The agreement brings Rudy Project’s technical expertise in the eyewear and helmet arena to the Ironman Triclub World Champion Team Zoot. Rudy Project North America is a historic athletic brand committed to providing the best eyewear and helmets to discerning multisport athletes, and Team Zoot is a large team of amateur triathletes who strive for excellence on and off the race course.

“Zoot Sports is a truly iconic brand in triathlon,” says Chris Lupo, Director of Sports Marketing at Rudy Project North America. “Their multisport team values community, inclusion across all demographics, excellence, and the growth of the sport. Partnering with Team Zoot makes sense for Rudy Project, as our values and goals are aligned. We are so proud to provide the highest-quality eyewear and helmets to Team Zoot.”

Team Zoot members will now have access to Rudy Project North America’s premium equipment at exclusive rates, adding value to their choice of team. Rudy Project joins other premium Team Zoot partners such as Quintana Roo, HED Wheels, Garmin, Hyperice, and Form Swim, and anticipates elevated visibility through supplying equipment to Team Zoot athletes.

“We are excited to partner with Rudy Project as the official sponsor of eyewear and helmets for Team Zoot,” says Mark Goddard, Marketing Director at Zoot Sports. “Rudy Project has a storied heritage in our sport and continues to develop high quality, high functioning, good looking products for triathletes. Their brand is enthusiastic and passionate about the sport of triathlon, making them a perfect fit for Team Zoot’s collective of ambassador athletes across the nation.”


Rudy Project Spinshield Air running and cycling sport shield sunglasses#color_spinshield-air-black-matte-with-multilaser-red-lenses

Rudy Project Spinshield running and cycling sunglasses#color_spinshield-crystal-gloss-with-multilaser-red-lenses

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