Rudy Project Builds a Sustainable Pair of Sunglasses

The term “sustainability” replaced “eco-friendly” in the manufacturing world, and with good reason. No matter how green a product may be, at least some element of it isn’t. But as Good Housekeeping defines it, sustainability means some piece of a product, whether packaging, design, source materials, or other, is consciously better for the environment than the alternative. In essence, it alerts customers that a company such as Rudy Project is taking proactive steps to reduce, recycle, and reuse anything and everything in its production, marketing, and sales departments. Rudy Project calls this drive its #RidetoZero. Below, we break down how they do it.

Sustainable Materials

Rudy Project’s new line of sustainable sunglasses uses Rilsan® Clear bio-plastic for the frames. This plastic is 45% castor oil sourced from certified farmers in India who are dedicated to reducing farm waste. Nice! 

But sustainable products aren't only about content and ingredients. They also come from making durable, long-lasting products that don't break easily and get tossed in the trash. And that quality doesn’t happen by accident. It comes from purposefully producing and stocking replacement parts for each product for years, even decades. The idea is to educate Rudy Project customers to repair their sunglasses and stop them from getting tossed. 

Sustainable Design

Chasing trends and fashion may be cool, but it generates tremendous waste. Waste can result from many factors, from a risky, fashion-forward style that failed in the market to a design that chased a fleeting trend only to arrive on the market too late. As part of the #RidetoZero push, Rudy Project designs products that stand the test of time. How? They focus on performance over trends because world-class performance never goes out of style.

Sustainability and Packaging

Product packaging is a customer's first physical interaction with Rudy Project’s #RidetoZero initiative. To that end, the company no longer uses plastic laminations on its boxes or paper. It manufactures sunglass cases out of recycled plastic and continually works to eliminate single-use plastics.

This approach to materials, design, and packaging syncs with the company’s commitment to evolve into a sustainable, environmentally friendly business. Doing so feeds into its commitment to maintaining a natural environment that inspires and nurtures a passion for outdoor sports. Cycling, running, skiing, swimming, and racquet sports are more enjoyable in a pristine, natural environment. So come along and enjoy the #RidetoZero with Rudy Project.