New Shield Options for Prescription Sunglasses

Rudy Project is well known for its robust sports prescription glasses, which have the widest Rx range of any sports eyewear brand. Its new shield lens technology, designed in collaboration with MAXIMUS Optic, extends this dominance further, opening a new world of optical performance to athletes of all types who want the vision and protection of a single-lens shield sunglass. 

Shield Sports Sunglasses, Defined

Shields are a category of performance sunglasses descended from sports goggles — think ski or motocross goggles. As their name implies, shields feature a large single wrap-around lens that produces an unobstructed view across a wearer's field of vision. A bigger lens also means more protection from wind, rain, bugs, and dust. Rudy Project’s premium shatterproof lenses are made from lightweight, high-impact materials to further protect the eyes from injury.

A key benefit of the wrap-around lens is how it blocks glare and sunlight from reaching the eyes through the sides of the lens. The result is the ultimate in sport sunglasses, perfect for activities ranging from pickleball, tennis, golf, baseball, and other sports to cycling and cross-country and downhill skiing in the winter.

The new technology, along with the curvature of the lens, reduces peripheral distortion and provides a wider area of vision than traditional glasses. This improves optical clarity since the distance from the eyeball is more consistent than a flat lens. As such, shields maximize visual sharpness and physical comfort.

The Rx Shield Conundrum, Solved

In the past, prescription sports glasses were limited to inserts, a prescription lens that sat just behind the shield lens. While effective, this solution could be considered bulky and relatively heavy. With Rudy Project’s new Rx Direct Shields, prescriptions are embedded directly into the shield and are available in the most popular shield sunglass styles. The ghost oculars use an almost seamless design to give wearers clear vision with the physical protection of a shield lens.

This technology lets athletes take advantage of Rudy Project’s quick-change technology. Swap in different lenses, such as a clear lens for nighttime activities or to use as a pair of prescription safety glasses in a shop or repair setting. Change nose pads and temple tips to dial in the perfect fit for your face and ensure a snug, slip-free fit that will keep the sunglasses secure during high-speed, high-impact sports such as mountain biking or downhill skiing.

Currently, Rudy Project offers Rx Direct Shields in its Cutline and Tralyx+ sunglasses, with more options coming soon. In the summer of 2024, Rudy Project will begin offering its Shield Rx solution for both photochromic (light-adapting) and polarized lenses. These lenses will cut glare from water, sand, ice, and snow, making them perfect for fishing, winter and water sports, and beach activities.

Want to see if your prescription works with Rudy Project’s new Rx Shield options? Start here. In addition, you can visit the website to check out the full suite of prescription sports goggles and sunglasses options, including optical inserts and optical dock systems.