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      Customer Reviews

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      Matthew Phair
      Photochromatic lense promised July

      I have four pairs of rydon sunglasses and a dwindling pair of transitional lense readers. When are you guys going to get the Japanese plant to produce some. Need them nothing is as good.

      Perfect to read my instruments

      I use for paragliding and I race so need to see my flight computer, iPhone and GPS. These have been great. They let 22% of the light come through but this has been perfect for my use. For a fuller range use, sunny to darker under cloudbase, these suit both conditions very well. Sheilding from wind is pretty good also, but at higher speeds might get a little wind but not much. Over all, been super happy with these. The angle for the bifocal has been really good for me. I've bought self install bifocals and put on my Oakley products which do good but these are still my 'go to' racing shades.

      Jon Metz

      Perfect! I would also love to get them in blue but not available.

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