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Rudy Project

Handcrafted in Italy since 1985

Driven by the pursuit of excellence and drawing from years of experience, Rudy Project products elevate the performance of athletes at every level.

Founded in Treviso, Italy by Rudy Barbazza, our brand has led the way in sports optics and bike helmet innovation for over 35 years.






Rudy Project Cycling Helmets
Rudy Project


Man wearing Rudy Project Soundrise active lifestyle casual sunglasses


Rudy Project Snow Goggles


eyewear techonology

Rudy Project ImpactX Photochromic sunglasses worn by Rudy Project athlete Heather Jackson


Many Rudy Project sport performance sunglasses are available with photochromic ImpactX® lenses. This means they change tint, either lighter or darker, to match ambient light conditions. They enhance contrast, improve visual acuity, and depth perception. ImpactX® lenses are 16% lighter than CR-39 and 10% lighter than polycarbonate; they have lower internal stress and chromatic dispersion than polycarbonate, resulting in sharper images, higher definition, reduces “rainbowing”, and more visual comfort.

impactx® photochromics – one lens for any light

helmet techonology

RUDY Project Nytron aero road helmet graphic illustrating optimized ventilation through the helmet


Rury Project helmets are optimized for the best possible ventialtion. Why? A helmet with superior internal ventilation ensures greater heat dissipation, and therefore better thermoregulation and homeostasis of the body’s internal temperature, to the benefit of the athlete's performance capabilities.


Rudy Project pioneered the use of aerodynamic helmets for time trial racing and that history has carried over into triathlon. Collaborating with the best aerodynamicists in the business, we have created arguably the fastest aero helmet in the world.

The Wing has been validated by the Swiss Side, and independently tested by top aerodynamic bike fitter, Jim Manton, founder of Ero Sports.

The Wing is not only fast, it is also equipped with best in class features. The large magnetic visor provides an unrestricted field of vision, the enhanced ventilation can be personalized via the magnetic vent cover, and the dial fit adjustment ensures a comfortable custom fit that stays in place better than any other aero helmet.

Rudy Project VENGER_EPS-In-Mold-Construction


Falls can prove to be very costly and have permanent or even lethal consequences. The starting point for the development of Rudy Project’s helmets is the adoption of only highly-advanced materials which can absorb shocks and dissipate the mechanical energy without it being transferred to the head and body. Our bicycle helmets, depending on the design and market of destination, comply with the provisions of Module B of the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 “Personal Protective Equipment” and with the national standard transposing the harmonized standard(s) EN 1078:2012+A1:2012 “Helmets for pedal cyclists and for users of skateboards and roller skates” for PPE of Class II, or with American safety standard “CPSC § 12.03 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older.”



Keeping our environment healthy is the key to protecting the playgrounds for the sports we love: our planet. RidetoZero is the new philosophy that now aims every single action at Rudy Project. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our products, materials, packaging, design and organizational processes. We are aware that radical changes take time and reducing our environmental footprint is a tough challenge but we have already started our ride.

Rudy Project Spare Lenses and Parts
Rudy Project Sunglasses Frames made from Rilsan Clear®, a bio-based material derived from castor bean oil

about rudy project

Technology and advanced science are the heart of Rudy Project. Since 1985 all Rudy Project products have masterfully blended cutting-edge technology and aesthetically sculpted design, along with Italian styling and attention to detail, to make some of the world’s best eyewear, hi-tech prescription solutions, helmets and sports gear. Our craftsmen use the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to create lightweight, comfortable and extremely functional eyewear and helmets.