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      Rudy Project - The Wing - color: White - photo angle: Side Without Visor Variant Hover Image
      Rudy Project - The Wing - color: White - photo angle: Front WIth Visor Variant Hover Image
      Rudy Project - The Wing - color: White - photo angle: Front Without Visor Variant Hover Image
      Rudy Project - The Wing - color: White - photo angle: Back Angle Variant Hover Image
      Rudy Project - The Wing - color: White - photo angle: Back Angle Two Variant Hover Image
      Rudy Project - The Wing - color: White - photo angle: Top Variant Hover Image

      The Wing Aero helmet comes with a removable, magnetic laser coated shield and vent cover.


      The Wing is the result of intense wind tunnel, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and engineering research with renown aerodynamic company Swiss Side. A truly advanced helmet, the Wing is optimized for multiple rider positions without compromising performance. Thanks to its revolutionary geometry profile combined with its safe ultralight In-Mold construction, the Wing ensures the best comfort and performance for road time-trial, short and long distance triathlon challenges.


      Massive front and rear exhaust ports combine with helmet geometry to ensure a constant airflow inside the helmet, accelerating the internal ventilation and enhancing the sweat evaporation process to cool the rider’s head. A magnetic vent cover allows the rider to easily open or close helmet airflow according to performance needs.


      The Wing features a removable magnetic optical visor. Easy to mount and dockable on the helmet when not in use, the visor boasts an ultra peripheral lens with enhanced deep horizon vision. Building on RP Optics advanced lens technology, the polycarbonate visor provides protection against UVA and UVB rays and minimizes eye strain, allowing athletes to stay focused on their performance.

      • CPSC 12.03 Safety Certification
      • Fastex Buckle Closure System
      • Removable Magnetic Optical Shield
      • Removable Vent Covers
      • Adjustable RSR10M Retention System Comfort Fit
      • Interchangeable Comfort Padding
      • Helmet Microfiber Pouch

      SMALL/MEDIUM - 55-58cm / 21.7"-22.8"
      320g / 11.3oz Without Visor & Vent Covers
      350g / 12.3oz With Visor & Vent Covers

      LARGE - 59-61cm / 23.2"-24"
      360g / 12.7oz Without Visor & Vent Covers
      390g / 13.7oz With Visor & Vent Covers

      Rudy Project Helmet Sizes

      • Removable Magnetic Laser Black Optical Shield
      • Removable Vent Cover
      • Interchangeable Comfort Padding (left & right side only)
      • Helmet Microfiber Pouch
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 69 reviews
      Light and Fast

      I purchased my son The Wing for track racing. With restrictions still in place, he must race with a face mask on. The helmet fits nicely and with his face/head shape, he has no issues with fogging. It is also easy for him to adjust as needed. After a practice and a 2 day race, he loves the helmet much more than his standard road race helmet he was using. To make it even better for a young rider, it matches his bike and kit...after can’t go fast if you don’t look cool 😂.


      First of all, this will be a long review/comment...I personally own (3) three Rudy Project Wing 57 helmets, (Black, Red, and White) in which I love and are very aero and excellent helmets which work great with my "Custom" 2012 black Catrike 700 Racing Recumbent....Note: I ride a Catrike 700 Racing Recumbent because of a lower-back injury I suffered while serving in the military in 1972, I am a 71 year old Vietnam Veteran who has been an avid cyclist since the mid 1960's. Because of the lower-back injury, I am unable to ride standard "Diamond-Frame" bikes of any sort. What's really sweet about my Catrike 700 Racing Recumbent, I am able to lay on my back in a full laying aero position with the Rudy Project The Wing 57 helmets BUT my "New" Rudy Project The Wing TT helmet puts me in a "More" of a "Flat Aero" on my "back position" and because of the "shorter" length design and the smooth aerodynamic design of the The Wing. I was able to modify my "Headrest" on my Catrike 700 Racing Recumbent to the point that the rear "Red" hole vent of The Wing is about (3) three fingers (side by side) away from touching my rear 700c tire/wheel. Note: My Catrike 700 Racing Recumbent wheel configuration is (2) 406c/20 inch wheels up front and a single 700c/28 inch rear wheel behind my head, which puts me a "Sweet" aerodynamic position and low to the ground like a "Land Luge"!!!! Note: I have the Rudy Project The Wing in the large "White" with the "Red" rear vent version and later this year I will be purchasing the sweet "Black" with the "Red" rear vent version of the Rudy Project the Wing TT helmet for my "Prototype" Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Lowracer Dual 700c Racing Recumbent, that I designed and is building, with the help of "2007 SolidWorks Engineering Software" which should be ready/finish later this year!!!!. Note: I should have made a comment on my right-left side un-obstructed vision is excellent because of wide-angle front lenses of "The Wing" which is an excellent design where I don't have to move my head from side to side to see vehicles at a street corner intersection!!!!! Note: I hope that Rudy Project designs a "Red" version with a "Black" rear vent which would be "Sweet" to complete my personal color scheme of Red, Black and White attire/bibs/jersey that I cycle in!!!!.....


      I ride a Black accented in Red/White "Custom-Built" 2012 Catrike 700 Racing Recumbent in which I called "The Black Widow" because of a lower back injury I suffered while in the military and there is a certain Rudy Project helmet I use on this trike which is the "Wing57" in which I have in (3) three colors [Black, White and Red]. All work very well with my trike BUT when I strapped on the "Rudy Project The Wing" helmet on yesterday morning/Saturday ride, the experience was Over Whelming "SWEET". The "Wing" was shorter in length in which it did not touch my rear wheel, behind my head and the large "Wrap Around" front lens size gave me a superb peripheral side view vison in which I didn't have to swing my head from side to side to see traffic at a street corner or obstruct my rear view mirror for rear oncoming traffic and Large-size version fit well for my head. Excellent design and aero!!! I will be purchasing the "Rudy Project The Wing" in the Flat-Black version to compliment my "Shiny-White Wing helmet very soon!!!! I HIGELY RECOMMEND "THE WING" HELMET.

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