Tralyx Family Rx Adapter

You're ordering an Rx adapter with clear polycarbonate Rx lenses that will work in any of our Tralyx sunglasses.
(Tralyx, Tralyx XL and Tralyx Slim sunglasses sold separately)

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Customer Reviews

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A Great Pair of Shooting Glasses

I have been wearing Rudy Projects for nearly 20 yrs. They are the best shooting glasses I have found for those who need prescription lenses. I have worn the Rydon for over 10 yrs and the Noyz for a couple of years. These two pairs have covered all corners of the country and I didn't think they could be beat. I was wrong.

The Tralyx is absolutely the best glasses I have worn. They are light, the photochromatic lens changes in the blink of an eye and they feel like you are wearing nothing at all. The frame and lenses can be had in sizes to fit the users face and for the activity they are doing. The Tralyx is my new go to match eye protection.

No problems with rx inserts

I got the inserts to go with my Tralyx glasses ! After a brief adjustment period they were just great . I even used these as my sunglasses on my trip to Europe . The photochromic lenses are amazing !

Not working for my prescription

Cool styling but when the Rx insert came in from my eye doctor for my new Tralyx, I couldn't wear them for even 5 minutes without getting dizzy.

Eye doctor says it is because the curved Rx lenses don't work well with astigmatism. Back to the drawing board, if we can't figure it out they'll go back.

Any suggestions?