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      Light weight, modern styling and plenty of ventilation for your everyday adventures at a great price. Clean and compact, the Strym features an inner airframe and 16 vents strategically placed to enhance air circulation over your head, keeping you cool when pedaling. Rudy Project’s RSR 10 retention system ensures a customized and comfortable fit for top tier athletes and weekend warriors alike.

      • CPSC 12.03 Safety Certification
      • Fastex Buckle Closure System
      • Adaptive Airframe Band
      • Bugstop Padding with protective net
      • Divider pro side buckles
      • Adjustable RSR10 Retention System Comfort Fit
      • 16 Vents Flow Through Ventilation

      S/M - 9.0 oz / 255 grams
      LARGE - 9.7 oz / 275 grams

      Rudy Project Helmet Sizes

      • Bug Stop
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 116 reviews
      TJ Tyrrell
      Strym absorbed a Double Whammy!

      During my 2021 Iceman Cometh race, my Strym protected my noggin through a collision with a deer and then a crash involving another rider in which I sustained five broken ribs. The helmet was broken in four places in the process and prevented a concussion and the potential for a more serious head injury.
      Thank you Rudy Project!
      I'll be getting another!

      Benjamin Casper
      Excellent helmet

      I was looking for a lighter helmet and one with better ventilation than the helmet I had been riding with for many years. Strym is a perfect weight and the retention system kit lets me adjust the helmet to my head (no matter how long my hair is). The ventilation is superb. Highly recommend!

      Dan Messina
      The Helmet That Saved My Life

      An oncoming car turned left in front of me unexpectedly and I impacted the passenger door at 23mph breaking off the mirror, denting the door and breaking both passenger window and front windshield. While, I suffered a concussion and some serious bodily injuries, I’m convinced that my Rudy Project helmet saved me from further injury. In fact, aside from a few scuffs, you’d never know this fine helmet was in a crash. I’m never buying another brand - ever.

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