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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Quality product, terrible customer service

      The glasses are very comfortable with a solid weight and good coverage. I use them running and cycling, and they do fog up when I stop but clear quickly when I start moving again. The clear to red photochromic Rx lenses are great in dull light, but I wish I had got the anti-glare coating. Wearing them at night with vehicle and street lights is very strange because the lenses create a reflection of every individual light source, so it's just a cacophony of light. Unfortunate since night riding is what I specifically wanted them for. I had emailed Rudy North America with some specific questions and they just told me to visit a dealer. The only dealer I could find knew less about the product than I did, and all I did was read the website. What I needed was someone who had actually used the glasses for riding, and could provide some first-hand knowledge about the myriad lens options, technologies and coatings. Having failed to get the information I needed from the dealer and from the distributor, I emailed Rudy Project directly (in Italy?). There was some promise when I received a response that my questions were being directed to the appropriate person. And then I was utterly dismayed to find that person was the same, completely unhelpful person I had spoken to originally at Rudy North America. It was evident they had never used the product on a bicycle - whether they'd ever used it at all is highly dubious. Nor were they interested in a conversation to discuss the merits of various options (probably because they had absolutely no idea what the differences might be). So I made my decision based on the website information and a rough comparison with other glasses I own, which is all I had to go on. It's a bummer I can't use these incredibly expensive glasses for what I originally wanted them for. But they're still nice for cloudy days, and someday maybe I'll be able to afford another pair with the anti-glare coating.


      Favorite sunglasses thus far


      I was very nervous ordering sunglasses online, but these are perfect. Now I look IronMan legit.

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