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      Gift ideas for the triathletes, cyclists and runners on your "nice" list

      The Triathlete

      It's a special kind of person that chooses to train and race in 3 very different disciplines. If you're shopping for a triathlete in your life, you probably already know this! Small changes can bring big gains, and every minute of training counts.

      We've chosen the following items that will get you on top of the gift giving podium this season and ensure no PR will be left standing in 2020 for your favorite triathlete.


      Rudy Project Volantis Helmet

      Aerodynamic enough to find those precious seconds on the racecourse, but designed with the form and function for everyday training rides.


      Rudy Project Defender 

      Quick-change lenses, broad fit adjustments and legendary ventilation while providing maximum protection from wind and sun, make the Defender a crowd favorite with a stylish option for every athlete.


      Wattie Ink Speedsuit

      Handcrafted in the USA with high performance Italian fabrics, Wattie Ink Speedsuits are built for speed and comfort in the water, on the bike and on the run.


      Reynolds AR80 Wheelset

       Engineered for pure speed with a modern deep and wide design to maintain stability in crosswind conditions...because we don’t always get tailwinds.


      Light and Motion Vya Commuter Combo

      Lights aren’t just for night anymore. The feathery and compact Vya lights instantly turn on when in motion, delivering a beam pattern that enhances visibility of your treasured rider’s front, rear and sides when out on the roads.



      Quintana Roo PR6 Disc

      This wind tunnel-designed superbike is designed with features to ensure a comfortable fit without compromising its aero advantage. Pick your colors, get into position and drop everyone.


      Fidlock 600 Bottle + Uni Base

      Fidlock’s patented magnetic attachment system allows for bottle placement where conventional bottles and cages simply can’t fit. Additionally, the Uni base can attach almost anywhere, but triathletes appreciate the easy access and aero performance when mounted upfront on the aero bars.



      Bont Riot-TR+ 

      Heat moldable fit, massive breathability, stiff power-transmitting platform and designed for quick transitions: the Bont Riot provides unmatched performance and a mind blowing affordable price.





      Inheriting technology from the top tier HYDROsix model, the HYDROfive optimizes buoyancy, minimizes drag and maximizes mobility and fit at an unbeatable price.


      The Cyclist

      Do you have somebody on your gift giving list that somehow knows a shocking number of town names in Belgium and The Netherlands? Or perhaps they have pet with an Italian name? Maybe they disappear into the basement or garage every night from November to March, only to emerge after 2 hours of whirring noises, drenched in sweat and wobbling around like Bambi on ice?  

      If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", then you've got a cyclist and we've got the gifts that will make them shout "Bellisima!"


      Rudy Project Spectrum Helmet

       The Spectrum hits the trifecta of ventilation, safety, and weight by using a unique structure of 3 InMold EPS liners.  Your favorite rider will be running cool and looking good




      Rudy Project Tralyx

       Feathery weight, PowerFlow ventilation, and adjustable contact points optimize the Tralyx for cycling performance. A broad selection of lenses (including photochromics) and two frame sizes to choose from ensure there is a Tralyx for every rider on your list.


      Viathon Cycles R.1

      Q: What do you get when you hang 11 speed Shimano 105 components, Knight wheels and a Zipp cockpit on a light, modern carbon frame?   A: The unrivaled value and performance of the Viathon R.1. With vertically compliant seatstays, disc brakes and room for 28c tires, the R.1 is one smooth operator.






      Light and Motion Urban 500 & Vya Combo

      With 500 lumens up front, a smart taillight that automatically turns on when the bike starts moving and amber light windows for lateral visibility; this urban light combo from the legendary light builders at Light and Motion can help your favorite cyclist maximize their riding time while staying safe when the days are short.



      Reynolds AR41 Wheelset

      Road? Gravel? Groad? All-Road? Just dealing with nasty chip-seal and potholes when trying trying ride away from it all? Whatever you call it and whatever your objective, the tubeless performance, aerodynamics and progressive width of the AR41 will smooth your ride and take everything you can throw at it.


      Squirt Chain Lube and Bike Cleaner

       A chain lube thats clean, quiet, long lasting AND biodegradable? Yep, Squirt. Pair it up with the concentrated, biodegradable Squirt bike wash, and Mother Nature will give you a high five next time you’re quietly pedaling your clean bike in the woods.


      Fidlock Twist Bottle Systems

      Intuitive, secure and modular: Fidlock bottle systems change the game. Frame too small to go full enduro with a bottle? Fidlock can help. No spot for a bottle on your frame or want to attach extras for that all day epic? Fidlock has got ya handled.

      The Runner

      Moving down the spectrum from the gear intensive pursuits of Tri and Cycling, we have the runners in your life. Shoes, shorts, shirt and off they go - it seems so simple, right? Not exactly. Todays runners are going further and to places we wouldn't have considered a few years ago. Although they are completely human powered and without mechanical assistance, the pieces we've selected below will help them go farther, faster and in more comfort.  


      Rudy Project Propulse

       Designed specifically for running, the Propulse weighs in well under 30g, uses a wraparound compression fit to stay secure on the face no matter the pace, and has adjustable vents to better handle the lower air speeds when compared to cycling specific eyewear. Your favorite runner might forget they’re wearing the Propulse, but they’ll remember that they came from you.


      Swiftwick Maxus Zero-tab

       Thoughtful use of materials and innovative blister preventing design in a no-show shock ensures these comfortable, highly wicking Swiftwicks will be the go-to for the runners in your life.


      Altra Shoes

       Altra’s innovative approach to running shoe design allows your feet to maintain their natural shape while providing balanced cushioning and support. Feet just feel better and move like they should in Altras.


      Buff Headwear

       Sun? Wind? Snow? Bugs? Sand? There is a Buff to protect your neck and face from just about anything nature can throw your way. Who knew such a simple piece could be so versatile?


      Wattie Ink Running Shirts

      Technical Italian fabrics hand-crafted in San Diego, CA; Wattie Ink Running shirts will keep the runners in your life comfortable and looking good on the road or trail.


      Ultimate Direction Halo Vest

      Is there somebody on your gift list who regularly runs distances that most of us ride on our bikes? That person needs one of these Ultimate Direction Halo Vests. Optimized for weight, volume and fit, the Halo Vest will let them carry the essentials necessary to keep going further and make it home safely.