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      One of our most versatile sport prescription models, light management is effortless with the Exception Flip Up. Compatible with progressive and single vision prescriptions, the Exception comes in a brand new Impact X2 Clear to Black configuration, as well as a polarized Polar 3FX configuration for all your sporting needs.

      • Interchangeable Lenses
      • Fully Adjustable Anti-Slip Temples
      • Adjustable Anti-Slip Nosepads
      • RP D Centered Optics
      • Safety Hinges
      • Integrated Vent Controller
      • Flip-Up Technology
      • Weight - 1.09 ounces | 31 grams
      • Eye Size - 61
      • DBL - 17
      • Temple - 137
      • Lens Dimensions - A 61mm B 39mm
      • Rx Clip Dimensions - A 50mm B 29mm
      • Base Curve - 8
      • Microfiber Pouch
      • Eyewear Patrol Pack
      • Low Prescription Rx Adapter
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Wish I could wear these

      I LOVE my RP Rydon slim Rx sunglasses but I’d really like the convenience of the flip-up shades. I sooooo wish RP would make the Exception in a smaller size to fit women’s faces. Please ... I’d buy them in a heartbeat.

      Love my Rudy’s

      After 16 years my original Rudy Project Exception glass broke. I knew right away that order another pair was a must. Got my new Exception glasses, was able to pop in the optical inserts from the old pair, and I was off and running. Looking forward to another 16 years with this pair!

      Best solution for very high Rx (> -5.5 sphere)

      I am a -8.5 sphere prescription, and my Exception frames with high Rx inserts have worked flawlessly for >10 years. I use them cycling, shooting and snowboarding (on spring blue bird days). Those of you with very high Rx know the difficulty in finding a solution that works. Unfortunately, the RP Direct Rx lenses only have a max Rx of -3.0, and the RP Optical Inserts have a max Rx of -5.5. A flip up lens with an insert isn't a 100% perfect solution either functionally or aesthetically, but it is one solution that gives you the flexibility to handle any situation. If your prescription is so strong that it could be dangerous for you to remove your sunglasses for a moment, there is no replacement for the ability to instantly flip up and remove the tint (e.g. cycling on a sunny day into a dark tunnel). No photochromic lens will change fast enough to be safe in that situation. The new Impact X-2 Photochromic Clear to Black lens with 9-74 Percent Light Transmission has a lot wider range of transmission than the previous photochromic lenses and should be a nice option (I just ordered) to lessen but not eliminate the need to flip up. Note, I believe they are NOT polarized. High Rx inserts are fairly small in diameter by design, compared with the low Rx, because high Rx prescription lenses get very thick from the center point very quickly. I am a physician that has searched far and wide for the best solution to the problem of sunglasses for the very high Rx. Short of getting contact lenses, the Exception with high Rx works well and has been for me for >10 years.

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