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      • Hi Photo ImpactX (Grey): 10-28 percent Light Transmission
      • Racing Red Golf: 28 percent Light Transmission
      • Impact X Photochromic Golf Green: 14-38 percent Light Transmission
      • ImpactX-2 Photochromic Clear to Black Z87.1 Safety: 9-74 percent Light Transmission
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      ImpactX-2 clear-to-black are amazing

      Got these lenses to complement my Rydon ImpactX-2 golf green lenses and honestly after swapping out the greens, I haven't changed the lenses away from the ImpactX-2 clear-to-black since. I use them for driving, kayaking, shooting, and in a pinch, random home projects when they're the pair at hand and my normal Milwaukee or Honeywell safety glasses are out of reach. They're so seamless that I've forgotten that they're on. The color change on the ImpactX-2 clear to black occurs fairly quickly, certainly within about six minutes or so in unfiltered sun. Occasionally I wish they were a bit darker in certain situations, especially when I'm out on the water; and, they also fog, so that can be a bummer. Despite these minor quibbles, I bought a pair for a friend after he remarked on how remarkable the lenses were. I'm new to Rudy Project glasses but I'm absolutely sold on the versatility of the photochromic color transition lenses. Customer service was excellent and delivery was prompt.

      Replacement Lenses

      Received my replacement clear & action brown lenses. Delivery was very prompt and lens quality is excellent.

      Replacement Lenses

      Ordered on July 4th. Order arrived Wednesday the next week. I will be buying lenses again.

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