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      Rudy Project - Protera Plus - color: Black Stealth - photo angle: Front Variant Hover Image
      Rudy Project - Protera Plus - color: Black Stealth - photo angle: Side Variant Hover Image
      Rudy Project - Protera Plus - color: Black Stealth - photo angle: Back Angle Variant Hover Image
      Rudy Project - Protera Plus - color: Black Stealth - photo angle: Top Variant Hover Image

      The Protera+ is a helmet designed specifically for mountain biking. Ideal for enduro, trail, and cross country riders, the compact geometry is designed for those who demand the highest level of protection, style and ventilation on every ride.

      - Removable and adjustable visor
      - 18 vents
      - Bug stop netting
      - Interchangeable free pads
      - Quick lock swappable chin straps
      - RSR9 retention system
      - Goggle compatible
      - Dry Foam and X-Static antibacterial pads for efficient wicking

      SM/M - 12.38oz / 351 grams
      LARGE - 13.24oz / 375 grams

      Rudy Project Helmet Sizes

      - VISOR
      - FREE PADS
      - BUG STOP

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 33 reviews
      Christopher Britton
      Another great helmet

      Scored this helmet fir my mountain bike adventures and it is just one more example of a fabulous company producing fabulous products. Super light and very comfortable

      Tim Edwards
      Loving this helmet!

      This helmet strikes the right balance between protection and style. Made for long days in the saddle but comfy thru the whole ride. Easy to add in a bandana under for when it is chilly and able to fit well with glasses and Aftershox headphones. Looks good whether you are climbing long mountain passes or getting rowdy on the downhill. Good to know that if the need ever arises, the extra coverage and protection is there. Overall, great helmet with all the features you need for epic rides!

      Michael M

      I have been wearing Protera Helmets since they were first introduced. Great fit, incredibly comfortable and nice touches like notched visor, bug net, replaceable pads, and so forth. While I enjoy the fit and feel and quality of the Protera+, what I like most is that it provides uncompromising protection. I am actually on number 4. So, my original is in rotation as my night ride helmet. But the last two Protera+ helmets have both been replaced due to crashes where I experienced head impacts. Two years ago I suffered a fall with a head slam. No loss of consciousness and no head injuries, but the foam was displaced, so the helmet was exchanged. This past december I clipped a tree, was launched hard into the ground where my helmet directly impacted a buried stump. It was a viciously hard impact and carrying 225 of body and gear, it was all on the head and neck. It hurt like hell, but again, no stars, no loss of consciousness. I finished the ride (another 8.5 miles), then was able to reconstruct the fall and aftermath of the event with the aide of video from a following rider. While I had a black eye and some knicks, the helmet and Rydon glasses actually did an amazing job responding to that impact and protecting my eyes and head. The helmet had the worst damage I have ever seen from a direct impact, wish I could post a picture. But knowing how hard that fall was and the way it occurred and the fact I was able to brush myself off and ride out was enough for me to buy another Protera+. While we focus on looks and comfort, what should really matter most is whether or not that pretty piece of foam will do its job with called upon. I can attest this helmet can stand up to that challenge. If you would like a negative for the Protera+, the new visor is much thinner than previous models. 3 weeks after my big fall while riding rock gardens with my newest Protera+ I suffered another OTB. No head impact, but the visor did graze a jagged rock and basically shattered. Comparing with previous visor (now riding on new helmet), it is about half the thickness, so that may be an area to look at. Otherwise, this helmet is outstanding!

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