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Since 1985, Rudy Project has created world-class products that not only help elevate your performance, but keep you protected and looking pro while on and off the court!

We invite you to learn more about our products technical features and superior lenses as well as our 40 year brand heritage in your quest to find the perfect prescription or non-prescription eyewear to keep you protected while playing the game you love!

Pickleball Sunglasses

Recommended Pickleball Lenses

Rudy Project sport sunglasses are loaded with technical features that make them perfect for a pickleballers needs. We recommend you choose a model that's equipped with our award winning ImpactX® Photochromic 2 Laser Purple or Red lenses for optimal performance in all weather conditions.

ImpactX® 2Laser Purple

Our ImpactX® 2Laser Purple photochromic lenseses are perfect when your game usually takes place on outdoor courts in bright conditions. The Laser Purple tint is dark enough to block out direct sunlight while enhancing contrast and color saturation. Both attributes improve depth perception and make the yellow ball “pop” against the background.

48% Light Transmission - Non Activated
8% Light Transmission - Activated

HDR Contrast Lens

ImpactX® 2Red

Our ImpactX® 2Red photochromic lenseses offer vibrant contrast and the crisp definition you need to see the court — and the ball — clearly, even without the brilliance of full natural sunlight. These lenses are perfect for indoor or night play as well as low-light and cloudy days.

76% Light Transmission - Non Activated
17% Light Transmission - Activated

HDR Contrast Lens

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As a pickleball & racquet sports ambassador with Rudy Project, you also have access to entire line of award winning products at deeply discounted prices! We have sport and lifestyle prescription and non-prescription sunglasses as well as cycling helmets, snow goggles and gear. Thanks for your support and remember, work hard, but play harder!

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