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      Rudy Project - Strym - color: Crusher Edition - photo angle: Front Variant Hover Image
      Rudy Project - Strym - color: Crusher Edition - photo angle: Side Variant Hover Image
      Rudy Project - Strym - color: Crusher Edition - photo angle: Back Angle Variant Hover Image
      Rudy Project - Strym - color: Crusher Edition - photo angle: Top Variant Hover Image

      Limited Time Offer

      They say you’re first Crusher is the hardest, and then they just keep getting harder after that. This uniquely-formatted race begins in historic downtown Beaver, the birthplace of famed outlaw “Butch Cassidy” and finishes at Utah’s newest ski and Summer resort, Eagle Point. Featuring a 60/40 split of gravel to tarmac gravel and 10,500 feet of climbing over the 69 miles, it affords riders the opportunity to explore the stunning back country of Utah’s little-known Tushar Mountains and Fishlake National Forest.

      Last day to place your order: August 15, 2021

      Orders expected to be fulfilled within 2-3 weeks.

      Discount codes and sales are not applicable to this limited edition helmet.

      The Strym is lightweight bike helmet with modern styling and plenty of ventilation for your training, racing, and everyday adventures. Clean and compact, the Strym features an inner airframe and 16 vents strategically placed to enhance air circulation over your head, keeping you cool when pedaling. Rudy Project’s RSR 10 retention system ensures a customized and comfortable fit for top tier athletes and weekend warriors alike.

      About Birdworx Custom Graphics

      All Birdworx Graphics are printed and laminated with the most durable materials available on the market today. We also use a unique Air Release Vinyl which allows micro air-bubbles to escape from under the graphic material.

      Graphics Care

      It can be common for some small areas along the edges to peel up or some small air bubbles to form. The vinyl materials have a natural memory and tendency to flatten out, especially with hot and cold temperature changes. A little bit of heat, (ex. hair dryer) gently applied, will help these edges to lay back down. A little pressure with the finger will help the adhesion process. Typically, once a graphic is worn in the sun once or twice, the adhesion will be properly cured.

      Oils and sweat can also have an adverse effect on the adhesion of the graphic. We recommend soaking the unit in warm water, without soap or chemicals, once a month or as needed.

      Lastly, avoid crashing. We’ve found this to be the quickest and easiest way to ruin a perfectly good set of decals. Be careful out there! Ride safe, ride often and “Ride Inspired”.

      Graphics Warranty

      Birdworx warrants that all Products supplied by Birdworx shall meet the applicable Product Specification, shall be free from material defects in materials or workmanship, and shall be warranted for a period of 90 days from delivery. Birdworx, at its election, shall replace any items not conforming to quality standards of material and workmanship for such Products.

      • CPSC 12.03 Safety Certification
      • Fastex Buckle Closure System
      • Adaptive Airframe Band
      • Bugstop Padding with protective net
      • Divider pro side buckles
      • Adjustable RSR10 Retention System Comfort Fit
      • 16 Vents Flow Through Ventilation

      SM/M - 9.0 oz / 255 grams
      LARGE - 9.7 oz / 275 grams

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