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      Light weight, modern styling and plenty of ventilation for your everyday adventures at a great price. Clean and compact, the Strym features an inner airframe and 16 vents strategically placed to enhance air circulation over your head, keeping you cool when pedaling. Rudy Project’s RSR 10 retention system ensures a customized and comfortable fit for top tier athletes and weekend warriors alike.

      • CPSC 12.03 Safety Certification
      • Fastex Buckle Closure System
      • Adaptive Airframe Band
      • Bugstop Padding with protective net
      • Divider pro side buckles
      • Adjustable RSR10 Retention System Comfort Fit
      • 16 Vents Flow Through Ventilation

      SM/M - 9.0 oz / 255 grams
      LARGE - 9.7 oz / 275 grams

      Rudy Project Helmet Sizes

      • Bug Stop
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 113 reviews
      Ryan Hoff
      I endoed, hit my head, and walked away

      In addition to being comfortable like everyone else has affirmed; I can affirm that I went the extra mile and tested it's performance when you go endo and land on your head. Was MTBing with some friends, hit a stump, and over the front I went. Landed squarely on my head before continuing my roll. While (naturally) I was quite dazed, I didn't have a scratch on my head and no trace of even a mild concussion. I'm definitely working through some neck, back, and shoulder injuries now... but that's not the helmet's fault. It's a good reminder that we don't wear helmets just because they're comfy. We wear them because they could save our life. The Strym did just that for me.

      Bruce Bock
      Stream delivers

      Was looking for a better ventilated helmet than the aero model I was riding. This helmet fit great out of the box. I have a smaller oval shaped head and it can be snugged up tightly with the rear dial. Great ventilation for an all-around helmet. It is light weight and comfortable.

      Kit Cischke
      It Disappears on Your Head

      I've been wearing Rudy Project helmets for over a decade -- WindMax, AirStorm and others. This is my favorite so far. I was right on the border between the S/M and the L and went for the bigger size. It fits perfectly and just disappeared on my first ride. It was on my head for 7+ hours a day during a bikepacking trip and never once bothered me or overheated. I don't know how you can ask for anything more.

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