World’s First Anti-Gravity Helmet Launched by Rudy Project




Denver, CO – Rudy Project, Italian crafters of performance sunglasses and helmets since 1985, are proud to introduce the world’s most non-groundbreaking aero helmet ever designed: the Wing57 Anti-Grav. This revolutionary helmet incorporates several completely new technologies which will not only help cyclists and triathletes set new records, but will also usher in a new era of science and space travel.


“Knitting superstrings together into a new fabric of space-time may seem dangerous, but that kind of mad-scientist risk is sometimes what it takes control another force of nature and advance athletic performance,” said Devin Johnson, Director of Public Relations for Rudy Project North America. “This monumental development came after testing warp-engine designs at our top-secret Nevada laboratory. We were looking to give our cadre of pros faster-than-light speed on the bike, but ended up making them lighter instead.”


While the new Wing57 Anti-Grav technically still has a mass of 300 grams, Rudy Project’s findings enabled engineers to inject gravity repelling particles into the helmet structure. The result is a net weight of negative 20 grams here on Earth, not enough to uncomfortably tug on the chin strap, but enough that users must ensure their helmet is securely stored when not in use.


“We don’t believe this technically breaks any official race rules yet, but it could pose an interesting discussion if we see athletes wearing multiple helmets on the course,” said President and Co-founder of Rudy Project North America, Paul Craig. “The consequences of our research won’t be fully understood for some time to come, but at the end of the day, we’re just looking to elevate the performance of all athletes. In this case, literally, into the air.”


While Rudy Project’s aero helmets have won numerous awards including being named the 5-time Most-Worn Aero / TT helmet at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, HI, the new Wing57 Anti-Grav is sure to win a slew of new awards, such as those normally reserved for particle physicists.


The Wing57 Anti-Grav helmet will be available for order starting on April 1st, but delivery may be delayed as the first shipping container accidently flew away during transport.



About Rudy Project

Performance Italian Sunglasses, Helmets, Goggles + Rx/Prescription Eyewear Solutions • Unbreakable ImpactX-2 Lenses • Designed + Crafted in Italy for over 30 years • Family Owned Since 1985 • #1 Most-Worn Aero / TT Helmet at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii for the last five consecutive years • #1 Gold Medal Winner in Winter Olympics (Torino) • Over 100,000 sponsored athletes and ambassadors • Replacement Lens Guarantee, even against scratches •


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