USA Triathlon Review: Boost 01 Road Aero Helmet

USA Triathlon member and Mile High Multisport coach Courtney C. recently reviewed the Boost 01 road aero helmet with the optical shield, naming it ideal for “athletes who are looking for the speed and improved aerodynamics available today.”

Her full review is below, and appeared originally in the Winter Edition of USA Triathlon Magazine.

The Boost 01 is extremely lightweight and comfortable.  Rudy Project describes it as weighing less than 10 oz. and I certainly believe that to be true. This helmet is easier to adjust and less cumbersome in design than other helmets I have worn in training and racing.

The Adjustable RSR9 Retention System is designed to improve the comfort and fit of this helmet.  I found that it provides a snug fit at the back of my head and it is easy to adjust to my needs. The interchangeable padding within the helmet design allows for a snug yet comfortable fit which does not rub or hurt my forehead or sides of my head. The ventilation is terrific.  This cools me more efficiently than other aero helmets that I have worn while riding on hot days.  The helmet also comes with two vent inserts to allow control of air flow in varying weather and racing conditions.  In general, I found the Boost 01 to be a more versatile helmet and one in which I can train as well as race. I regularly wear Giro and Rudy Project helmets.

Best features: Adjustable RSR9 Retention System, Universal Dorsal Ridge for improved aerodynamics, removable optical shield, Free Pad Interchangeable Comfort System

The Boost 01 is a  lightweight helmet with an innovative design to improve aerodynamics on the bike. The extensive ventilation system has ten openings meant to improve airflow over the rider’s head.  This ventilation seems to prevent the overheating that I have been prone to in the past with other helmets. I think it makes a big difference for me during longer, hotter rides. Vent closures are included with the helmet to modify airflow as desired for cooler temperatures and aerodynamics. Although, the latter I cannot tell myself without wind tunnel testing. But, I love the options. The padding and adjustable retention system at the back of the helmet provide a fit that is snug but not constricting.  The removable optical shield gives me choices for eye protection on the bike and I enjoy this versatility for varying training and racing conditions.

John Cobb created the new dorsal fin design.  This fin is meant to convert cross winds from the side into forward force to improve aerodynamics. It also helps prevent neck torque for the rider. The closure systems on the Boost 01 are easy to use and a breeze to fine tune as needed.  The self-centering chin clasp is convenient and comfortable. The RSR9 retention system at the back of the helmet provides a better fitting adjustment and one without pressure points. The interchangeable Free Pad system also allows the rider to custom fit the helmet to his/her needs.  I have heard that this helmet does not fit all head shapes and sizes but it works very well for me. And, the optical shield is a great addition to the aero helmet.

The bottom line: I highly recommend the Rudy Project Boost 01 aero helmet for athletes who are looking for the speed and improved aerodynamics available today but also want the versatility of a helmet which can be used in training as well as on race day. This helmet is a great option not only for triathletes riding aggressively in an aero position but also for cyclists looking for an aero road helmet option.

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