The Tralyx Revolution

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I can be quite the creature of habit sometimes and when I find a style of eyewear that I like, I tend to stick with that style over and over, year after year. So, a few years ago when I found the Rudy Project pink fluo Genetyk, I figured I was set for life… that is until I met the new Tralyx! This radical design change has really caught me pleasantly by surprise.


Tthumb_IMG_6723_1024hese new frames embody everything I loved about the Genetyk but with even more exciting features.  The Tralyx are lighter, more aerodynamic, have improved ventilation to prevent fogging and have the fun factor of being able to swap frames and nose piece colors for added style.  Touted as “shaped by the wind,” I find these frames fit my face so snugly and comfortably that I forget I’m still wearing them half the time!


I absolutely love the adjustable temple and nosepieces.  Once adjusted to my face, I find I have less issues with fogging even in the most inclement weather.  The rubber sections at the end of the temple arms hug my head whether I’m in a hat, headband, helmet or just a sweaty pink ponytail.  In cross-country skiing, our movements feature a lot of up and down motions with the head and upper body.  I’m happy to confirm that the Tralyx passes the “shake test” (think head banging) better than any other non-strap eyewear I’ve tried!


The ImpactX-2 lens has turned into my favorite go-to choice this winter for the often changing and low-light conditions I encounter.  I’ve been training at home in Alaska these last few months and many of my morning training sessions begin just as the sun is coming up at 9:30am.  This ImpactX-2 lens starts out almost clear and then adjusts seamlessly as the sun comes up.  I don’t even notice the transition as it happens and I’m always surprised when I take my glasses off to see the lenses have gone totally dark.  I’ve also found this lens really beneficial when skiing under the lights in the evening.  It’s nice to be able to knock down the glare of some of the brighter lights.  When moving through the trees in and out of shadows, the lens transitions beautifully.
thumb_IMG_6885_1024When I think I look good, I figure I can ski at least 10% faster and I love the color options for the Tralyx.  Some days I feel like being bright and sassy and so I go for my yellow or red fluo.  Other days I want to my eyewear to blend in with my outfit so I go with the always-classy white or the Rubin gloss.  The frames are so easy to swap in and out that I love being able to easily travel with multiple options for lenses and frames in one case.


The Tralyx have become the new favorite frames not only for me but also for many of my US Ski Teammates.  While taking the winter off as I am expecting my first child, several of my teammates have notched historic victories on the World Cup and the Tralyx have been right in the mix.  So as I return to racing next season, perhaps my Tralyx will bring the same good luck for big results.  Until then, lots of fun to be had in the outdoors, I’m off!!


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About Kikkan Randall:

Kikkan Randall is a four-time Olympian and World Champion cross-country skier. She is a passionate “Get-Active”ist, promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles, and is the President of Fast and Female USA, an organization dedicated to keeping girls involved in sports. You can follow her on Twitter – @kikkanimal, Instagram – @kikkanimal, Facebook – /kikkanrandall and her website

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