The Best Athletic Photos on Earth: What it Takes


“The basic drive for photography should not be to create something beautiful,

but to create something that helps you remember a moment.”




Denver, CO – The sun dances along the horizon for several hours each night, but it will never set. Not in Iceland, not at this time of year. The phenomenon makes application of sunblock before sleep compulsory, and while this may sound unusual, so is taking a shot of cod liver oil every morning with your coffee. These rituals are all too familiar for breakout photographer Jordan Rosen, who will be traveling back to the Nordic island nation to capture some of the world’s most emotive athlete images, and to share his challenges and photo advice.


j2Having partnered with esteemed Italian sunglass and helmet company Rudy Project, Rosen will spend two weeks in the backcountry of Iceland, photographing the most advanced athletic gear in the world, amongst some of the most beautiful backdrops in the world. During his travels, Jordan will document what it takes to shoot these jaw-dropping images; technically, aesthetically & logistically. These stories will be shared with the world via Rudy Project’s Press Blog & Social Media channels.


“I got into photography when I took a trip to New Zealand a few years ago,” shared Jordan. “I was 21, by myself, and it was a mind blowing place. Later, I was trying to share that with my friends and family, but the pictures I took were awful. I mean, they were so bad that not only could I not share them with my friends and family, but I actually couldn’t remember that trip well via those images.”




Using his experience as motivation, Jordan delved into the art of photography and learned to create masterpieces that help him, and those who view his work, remember and experience that particular moment in time. With a background in ski racing, mountaineering, cross country skiing, ice climbing, mountain biking, and triathlon, Jordan uses his passion for sports to actually participate in each moment, which truly brings his photography to life.


j4Jordan and his crew, which includes an Olympic team qualifying marathon runner and a world famous drone pilot, will be driving off road and camping by his truck for the majority of the two weeks. Surrounded by the stoic backdrops of Iceland, the team will go from shooting on the side of glaciers to the top of volcano fields in the same day.


Together with Rudy Project, Jordan not only aims to capture the stories, emotions, and beautiful moments from his journey, but to show what it takes to take the most pristine athletic photos in the world. Over the next few weeks, Rudy Project will outline the technical, aesthetic, and logistical challenges that go into creating a truly authentic image, and prove that a gorgeous product photo requires much more than a smartphone filter.



To follow along with Jordan’s journey, follow his Instagram, and Rudy Project’s Press Blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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