Seven Years: What Makes Rudy Project the #1 Helmet @ Kona Over and Over Again?

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Photo: Paul Phillips / Competitive Image

I feel like a fighter pilot when I wear it. It’s easier to feel and be fast when you look fast! The visor is badass…I thought it might take some getting used to, but it really didn’t. You feel legit, feel fast, and it looks intimidating as hell.” -Andy Potts on the Rudy Project Wing57 Aero Helmet

Qualifying for Kona is no joke, competing in Kona is no joke, but finishing as the Top American Male? Now that’s some serious business. Pro triathlete Andy Potts is a seasoned IRONMAN® World Championship competitor, and there’s a reason he keeps returning to the Big Island wearing the helmet sported by the most competitors for the last 7 consecutive years: Rudy Project boasts the industry’s most aerodynamically efficient, well-ventilated, lightweight, and undeniably fast aero/TT and road helmets on the market.

7 years as the #1 Most Worn Helmet at the IRONMAN® World Championship doesn’t come easy, and Rudy Project is constantly innovating helmets superbly ventilated yet aerodynamic, astonishingly comfortable yet lightweight, and ahead of the curve with thoughtful features like state-of-the-art retention systems, removeable bug nets, and integrated eyewear garages. This attention to detail coupled with carefully crafted designs keeps Kona veterans like Andy, and even the Top American Female for the second year in a row, Heather Jackson, faithful to Rudy Project gear and trusting in the reliability of the products.

“Rudy Project helmets are the easy answer when it comes to equipment – they’re well ventilated, comfortable, and fast,” Heather claimed after her incredible 4th place finish this year. “My Wing57 was my secret weapon during Kona.” Following her 2016 performance as the first American female to podium in 10 years, Heather came to battle again in 2017 with the continued support of Rudy Project. Wearing her custom painted Wing57 on the Queen K, she finished as the Top American Female once again, and crushed her previous time by 10 minutes.

Although the Wing57 was Heather’s gear of the choice this year, the Boost 01 made a name for itself on the Big Island. Named “Top Aerodynamic Choice” by Procycling Magazine in a wind tunnel test against industry competitors, the Boost 01 road aero helmet is backed by those in the professional ranks and sported by age groupers wanting to deliver their best. The distinctive racing stripe design could be seen for miles on the Queen K, keeping competitors cool, aerodynamic and protected during the biggest race of the year.

helmet count over the years -2017 Rudy Project

Covered by an industry-leading 6 year crash replacement guarantee and a 3 year manufacturer warranty, Rudy Project helmets come in many shapes, sizes, and a wide range of colors for a wide range of sports, including road cycling, triathlon, and even a brand new mountain bike helmet. They are a familiar sight at local amateur races, and tried and trusted by all that wear them. Join the thousands of triathletes that have helped make Rudy Project #1 at Kona for 7 years, and snag the best prices with the USA Triathlon Membership Discount today!

The #1 Helmet @ Kona data is courtesy of the hard working team at LAVA Magazine and their annual Kona bike count.

You can score your Rudy Project Helmets during this holiday season as a USA Triathlon Annual Member with your exclusive discount by going here: Enjoy and experience why Rudy is #1 @ Kona year after year after year.

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