Rudy Project: With Me From the Beginning

Nordic Skier, Kikkan Randall, grew into her career as a professional athlete with Rudy Project by her side. In Kikkan’s second article for Rudy Project, she walks us through her days as a high school skier to her current status as a World Champion, all while wearing the most technically cool gear on the planet. Check it out below & be sure to read her first article about starting a family here.


My first experience with Rudy Project came in high school when I won my first high school ski race. It was a two-day stage race and the overall winner won a pair of white Ekynox frames that came with interchangeable lenses. Having always been a gear lover, I was over the moon with my prize. I went on to wear those glasses proudly in every race that season, including the World Junior Team Trials and my first World Cup ski race. I felt so cool to be wearing what I saw my ski heroes competing in, and the versatility of the interchangeable lenses kept me prepared for the plethora of weather conditions we encounter in cross-country ski racing.


My first World Cup Race, Solider Hollow, UT  – January 2001

A few years later I came back to Rudy Project upon making the US National Team. Rudy Project had already been a long-term sponsor of the US Ski Team and I was excited to be able to select from an expanded offering of eyewear and now helmets as well, which had become a critical safety tool for us for roller skiing. I enjoyed testing out the various frames and settled on the Ekynox SX as my new favorite model. I liked how adjustable the glasses were, and the small frame fit snug to my face. Wearing a pair of Ekynox SX’s, I won my first World Cup race, the first ever victory for a US woman in cross-country.


Celebrating my first World Cup victory, Rybinsk, Russia – December 2007

As the seasons progressed, my results continued to improve alongside the rapidly progressing technology in eyewear and helmets from Rudy Project. It seemed like a new model accompanied every jump in my performance. Hot Pink became my signature color and good luck charm, so I was pumped when Rudy Project came out with their FLUO series of bright colors. The hot pink Sterling helmet was an instant hit with me, not only for complimenting my vibrant personality, but also for visibility and safety on the roads.


The Pink FLUO great for visibility while training!

In 2011, our US women’s cross-country team began to emerge on the international scene. With the support of Rudy Project, we not only looked great as a team but we worked together to share our momentum and passion with our greater ski community through a team poster. Rudy Project made special Pink Fluo Genetyk frames for our team, and when we won a historic gold medal at the World Championships in 2013, we received a special addition with the World Championship stripes.


Our US women’s team poster (2012)


Special Edition Genetyk’s from the World Championship Gold!

With Rudy Project I have always been impressed with the personal attention to and connection with the athletes. It’s a strong collaboration that both helps to enhance our performance and improves the design and technology of the equipment we use. Now as I move on to my fifth Olympic quadrennial, I am excited with the latest advancement, the Tralyx frames. Offered in bold colors with interchangeable lenses, and a frame so light I forget I’m wearing glasses half the time, this new model from RP will help me and my teammates go after that elusive Olympic medal in cross-country skiing.


Part of our US women’s xc team going for Gold in Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympics loving our Tralyx frames!


About Kikkan Randall:

Kikkan Randall is a four-time Olympian and World Champion cross-country skier. She is a passionate “Get-Active”ist, promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles, and is the President of Fast and Female USA, an organization dedicated to keeping girls involved in sports. You can follow her on Twitter – @kikkanimal, Instagram – @kikkanimal, Facebook – /kikkanrandall and her website

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