Rudy Project Unveils Next Generation of Unbreakable Lenses

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DENVER, CO– After years of laboratory research and field tests with professional athletes, Rudy Project, world renowned Italian designers of performance eyewear, are proud to launch the latest advancement in technical lenses: ImpactX-2. This new generation of the award-winning Rudy Project ImpactX lens has been updated with cutting-edge photochromic particles which provide faster color transition and extremely enhanced contrast via a newly designed HDR filter, all within an absolutely unbreakable lens that can transition from clear to multiple colors.


“This new technology marks a watershed moment within the world of eyewear optics,” said Paul Craig, President and Co-founder of Rudy Project North America. “ImpactX lenses have already won numerous coveted awards, such as Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year, for being completely unbreakable and helping athletes maintain visual acuity through changing light conditions. This next generation, ImpactX-2, will again set the bar for lenses that can adapt, protect, and keep you focused on your game.”Helmet-Spread


ImpactX-2 lenses feature a host of impressive features, but one of the most notable is the ability to automatically lighten and darken from a semitransparent tone to a specific color according to light conditions. Unlike traditional photochromic lenses which can only go from clear to black, ImpactX-2 will be launched in 5 variations that transition from either Clear to Black, Clear to Laser Black, Clear to Red, Clear to Laser Red or Clear to Laser Brown.


These technically cool lenses are also 20% more temperature stable over the previous generation, offering a wider photochromic range of up to 65% light transmission difference. Furthermore, this photochromic activation occurs in all natural light within seconds, including behind surfaces which screen UV rays such as windows or car windshields. Thus, you can rock a clear lens on a dark morning and have it transition to a high contrast color when the sun comes out.


Not only does ImpactX-2 activate 25% faster than the previous ImpactX lens generation, but the innovative photochromic pigments incorporate an advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR™) filter which eliminates a portion of light not seen by our eyes. This technology modulates the wavelength of light passing through the lens and optimizes its spectrum for extraordinary visual performance. A maximized chromatic range provides superior perception, sharp imagery, and eye popping lens clarity.


These sleek lenses are offered in 5 photochromic colors, inspired by the legendary first ImpactX generation. The All-Around lenses (Clear to Black and Clear to Laser Black) are engineered for variable weather and will perform in any terrain and climate condition. The Racing Red series (Clear to Red and Clear to Laser Red) are designed for fast action and maximum stimulating color contrast. The Laser Brown lenses (Clear to Laser Brown) lower overall optical stress and maximize comfort for all-day activities.


For those who wear prescription lenses, ImpactX-2 can be crafted with their specific parameters by utilizing Rudy Project’s FreeForm TEK™ digital backside surfacing. This applies the prescription to the back of each ImpactX-2 lens for complete edge-to-edge coverage. From no-line Bi-focals and progressive lenses, to discrete reader or ‘cheater’ lenses with varying magnifications, ImpactX-2 can be molded to fit the user.



ImpactX-2 lenses will update the entire line of Rudy Project eyewear that previously utilized ImpactX technology, and will be available in newly released sunglass models such as the award-winning Proflow, the Agon and the classic best-selling Rydon.


To see all of the available Rudy Project sunglass models with ImpactX-2 lenses, visit or any authorized dealer.


About Rudy Project

Rudy Project designs and manufactures performance-oriented helmets, sunglasses, goggles and Rx/prescription eyewear solutions by applying advanced science, cutting-edge technology and innovative aesthetics.  Designed and crafted in Italy since 1985, Rudy Project has grown quickly as a premier brand throughout North America.  Rudy helmets were recognized as the #1 most worn aero / time-trial brand at the IRONMAN® World Championships Presented by GoPro™ in Kona, Hawaii for the last four consecutive years, and have been designated the Official Helmet of IRONMAN® for North America.  Rudy Project offers unparalleled customer service backed by a Lifetime Replacement Lens Guarantee and an industry-leading three-year frame warranty.

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