Rudy Project Sunglasses Worn by Hundreds at Kona, Breaking Previous Record

More Athletes Than Ever Put Their Trust in Rudy at the World’s Most Grueling Triathlon


KAILUA-KONA – On the heels of being named the Most Worn Helmet brand at the 2013 GoPro IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii by Lava Magazine, Rudy Project revealed today that more athletes than ever raced wearing Rudy Project’s award-winning sunglasses. Spotters at the T1 transition recorded an amazing 555 athletes wearing Rudy Project sunglasses; this represents more than one quarter of all athletes who competed in the world championships and 2nd overall in total sunglasses worn at the event.

“Having been recognized as the number one helmet at Kona three years in a row by Lava Magazine’s official count, we are very excited so many triathletes chose Rudy Project eyewear technology for what is probably the biggest race of their life,” said Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of R.A.C.E., exclusive distributors of Rudy Project in North America. “We’ve believed for a long time that our sport performance sunglasses give athletes a clear edge over the competition in terms of adjustability, comfort, design, styling, quality and Italian craftsmanship. Now we can point to hundreds of triathletes, pros and age-groupers alike, who put their trust in us to protect them under the blazing sun and all the way to the finish line. In the years to come, I personally believe Rudy Project will also take the number one spot as most worn sunglass brand in Kona.”

Of the sunglasses spotted on Saturday, the top Rudy Project models seen were the Rydon, Noyz and HyperMask Performance. These three are some of Rudy’s all-time best-selling models and have long been hits with many triathletes during and in between races. Several top pros were also testing out two new Rudy sports performance models: the Agon and the Proflow. These two new sunglasses incorporate many traditional Rudy Project features such as easily interchangeable lenses and adjustable nose & temple tips, as well as new technologies such as Agon’s Integrated Air Conditioning System which gives custom management of air circulation via adjustable ventilation slits on the lenses which prevent fogging.

Aiding Rudy Project this year in their quest to offer all athletes the best possible equipment, was the opening of a new permanent, year-round store on Ali’i Drive in Kona (between the ABC Store and Scandinavian Shaved Ice) under the R.A.C.E. corporate umbrella. This new storefront is the first of its kind in North America and will serve as an important liaison point between athletes who train in Kona throughout the year and Rudy Project in North America – incorporating their feedback and experience into Rudy Project’s designs, technologies and future product development.

All of Rudy Project’s award-winning sunglasses and newest models are available now at, from the new R.A.C.E. Store in Kona, Hawaii, or from any authorized dealer.


Note:  To eliminate any possible confusion, Rudy Project is NOT a sunglass sponsor or affiliated in any way in the sunglass / eyewear category with Ironman or the GoPro IRONMAN World Championships. 


About RACE

Running and Cycling Enterprises (“RACE”) is a distributor of award-winning, high quality products for triathletes, cyclists, runners and other athletes who demand functional products that allow them to compete and train more effectively.  RACE currently distributes Rudy Project in North America and the Caribbean. For more info, visit:

About Rudy Project

Rudy Project designs and manufactures hi-tech sunglasses, digital prescriptions/Rxes, helmets, goggles and gear by applying the most advanced science and technology. Designed and crafted in Italy since 1985, Rudy Project has grown quickly as a premier brand throughout North America.  Rudy Project has won Outside Magazine’s prestigious “Gear of the Year” Award, twice, for its cutting edge frame and lens technologies. Rudy helmets were recognized as the #1 most worn aero / time-trial brand at the world’s most enduring triathlon in Kona, Hawaii for the last three years, and the Wingspan time trial helmet was selected as Triathlete Magazine’s “Best Aero Helmet” in its 2012 “Buyer’s Guide.”  Of late, Rudy Project has prided itself for providing the absolute best prescription eyewear for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.  What sets Rudy Project apart is unparalleled customer service standards, cutting edge products and technological innovations, and proprietary, award winning lens technologies including ImpactX™, Polar3FX™ and RPOptics™.  Rudy Project offers a Lifetime Replacement Lens Guarantee and an industry leading 3 year frame warranty. Learn more about Rudy Project at


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