Rudy Project Sponsored Athlete Update: Sarah Haskins

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Lifetime FitnessMinneapolis Equalizer

On Saturday morning, July 9th, I competed in my fifth Lifetime Fitness Triathlon.  This race is special to me not only because of the great support from the Lifetime staff, but also because Minneapolis is my husband’s hometown.  We have lots of family members and friends who make the trip over to Lake Nakomis ever year to cheer me on.

This year was the 10th anniversary of the race and race directors decided to make the race more exciting for the athletes and fans by bringing back the Equalizer, which has not been run since 2006 when Hunter Kemper won.  The Equalizer is set up so that the women start a certain amount of  time before the men and the first athlete to cross the line is the overall winner for the day.  The time gap is measured based off of past performances in the all the previous years (typically the high and low difference is thrown out and the rest of the times are averaged together).  The time gap this year was 10:43.  I believe that was right around the difference between Matt Reed and I last year.  I knew that time gap was doable, but would be a challenge none the less.

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