Rudy Project Signs on as Official Eyewear of USA Pentathlon Multisport

Rudy Project North America, exclusive distributor of performance eyewear for Canada and the United States, has announced that they are signing on as the Official Eyewear of USA Pentathlon Multisport. The multiyear agreement will provide organization members with exclusive pricing and product access to Rudy Project’s award-winning performance and casual eyewear. USA Pentathlon Multisport is the umbrella organization which provides US national governance for a variety of multi-sport disciplines including the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon as well as Obstacle Course Racing, Biathle, Triathle and Laser-Run competitions.

“Modern Pentathlon is a demanding and beautiful discipline,” said Paul Craig, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Rudy Project North America. “We’re honored to be working these incredibly high caliber athletes, and to be elevating their performance with the best Rudy Project has to offer.”

Modern Pentathlon consists of five disciplines; fencing, swimming, horseback riding, and a combined run and shoot. The sport has its roots in a rich military history; the five sports are considered ideal talents of a cavalry messenger behind enemy lines. The equestrian competition is unique in that athletes are presented with an unfamiliar horse 20 minutes before the competition – no other equestrian sport in the world requires riders to participate with an unfamiliar animal. Athletes earn points throughout the competition, which ultimately determine their staggered start time at the beginning of the final event, the Laser-Run discipline.  In the Laser-Run, athletes run four 800m cross-country loops interspersed with 4 laser shooting series at targets, with the first athlete to cross the finish line, because of the stagger, regardless of points, winning the competition.

“Modern Pentathlon is a unique, multi-discipline sport and requires an incredibly versatile athlete,” said Tom Shepard, Chairman of USA Pentathlon Multisport. “We’re fortunate to have such a performance-oriented brand such as Rudy Project to partner with, and to ensure that our athletes are equipped with the best possible eyewear for their multiple disciplines.”

As the Official Eyewear Partner, Rudy Project will equip USA Pentathlon’s elite team with performance and casual eyewear for running, shooting, and horseback riding. Elite athletes Amro Elgeziry and Isabella Isaksen are partial to Rudy Project’s Rydon performance frame, with photochromic ImpactX-2 Clear to Racing Red lenses that make for a versatile pair of sunglasses for any lighting conditions and maximum contrast while shooting.  Fellow teammate Samantha Achterburg, USA Modern Pentathlon multi-time National Champion, opted for the slimmer Rydon II, with Bi-Chromic Pink lenses and the Ultimatum with Polar 3FX lenses for her preferred casual frame. Other popular frames include the Tralyx performance frames for the ultimate in adjustability and an uninterrupted field of view, and the fashion-forward Astroloop for off the field.

“I’ve worn Rudy Project for many years,” said Samantha Achterburg, one of the best Laser-Run athletes in the world. “I have a pair that I have worn so often the lenses are destroyed, and I’m able to just get them replaced thanks to Rudy Project’s Lifetime Replacement Lens Guarantee. It’s policies like that, and durable frames that last for years that make them such an ideal partner to work with.”

Both the elite team and USA Pentathlon members will have access to the Rudy Project’s full line up of award-winning performance eyewear and helmets. The Tralyx sport shield sunglasses are among some of Rudy Project’s most awarded frames, winning Best in Fit from Triathlete Magazine, scoring 5/5 from Bike Magazine, and receiving UltraRunning Magazine’s Most Innovative Product award. Among others, Rudy Project’s proprietary line of photochromic ImpactX-2 lenses has received accolades from MyGolfSpy and Men’s Health. Rudy Project’s line of cycling and triathlon helmets are best known as the #1 Most Worn Helmet at the IRONMAN World Championships for 7 years running and have received top awards from publications like Triathlete Magazine.

USA Pentathlon Multisport athletes will compete in the US Open National Championships in San Antonio, Texas, June 18-24, 2018. The international World Cup Final takes place in Astana, Kazakhstan from June 21-24.

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