Rudy Project’s Daniela Sämmler Wins Big, Sets Winning Challenge Roth Record in Wing57 Aero Helmet

Rudy Project, manufacturers of high-end endurance sports gear, would like to congratulate Germany’s Daniela Sämmler on her record-setting win at this weekend’s Challenge Roth race. After hammering through the bike to post a women’s-best split of 4:41:38 while wearing her custom-painted Wing57 aero helmet, Sämmler went on to take the win by a 9 second margin. Her ear-to-ear grin was evident as she came down the chute, with her arms spread wide and her Tralyx sunglasses gleaming on her face. Her total time of 8:43:42 set a new German women's race record for the Challenge Roth course.

On the men’s side, Cameron Wurf (AUS) and IRONMAN® World Champion Sebastian Kienle dueled on the bike, with Rudy Project triathlete Andreas Dreitz (GER) completing the uber-biking trio. Wurf went into T2 with a 2 minute lead on Kienle, and a 6 minute lead on Dreitz, which he steadily reduced until passing the Australian at the 12 km mark. While Dreitz was unable to make up the 7-minute gap between himself and fellow German Sebastian Kienle, he took a solid second place, remarkable given it was his first time at Challenge Roth as an athlete in his career. Dreitz called the 140.6 distance race “Double the distance, double the fun!” with his trademark smile evident under his Tralyx and Wing57 helmet.


Challenge Roth proved to be a successful race as well for Yvonne van Vlerken, fondly known as ‘The Flying Dutchwoman.’ Yvonne rounded out the women’s top five, following close on the heels of her old college friend Laura Siddall. Ahead of her, the women’s race had turned into a nailbiter, as Sämmler passed Lucy Charles on the run with a mere 5 km to go. In an attempt to hang on and reverse the lead, Charles made a last ditch attack to overcome Sämmler’s lead in the horseshoe-shaped chute, but the ecstatic German crowd lent Sämmler speed, resulting in her triumphant win and women’s record for the Roth course, shattering the old course record by a generous 3 minutes.

Elsewhere in the world, the friendly rivalry between Ben Kanute and Cam Dye notched another epic chapter, with Ben Kanute taking the tape at the New York City Triathlon by a 29 second margin. The heat lent itself to a challenging race, and while Cam stayed well ahead of the hard-charging Jason West (USA), he was unable to overtake Kanute in what was their third race against each other in 5 weeks. After his performance, Cam said, “It was a fun battle in the concrete jungle today. Lost the rubber match to Ben Kanute in our third race in five weeks but happy with the race today… I’m looking forward to a short mid-season break and getting ready for the second half of the year.”

On the women’s side, Sarah Haskins took another win with a total time of 1:59:52, in what has been a dominant season for her so far. The NYC Triathlon victory was her 50th career win, making it an exceptional weekend overall for the Olympian. Sarah was difficult to miss on the race course, sporting a pink fluo Wing57 TT helmet and taking the tape in matching pink fluo Noyz sunglasses.

Across the pond, Boulder-based triathlete Matt Chrabot took second at IRONMAN® 70.3 Edinburgh after leading the breakaway pack on the bike. He had a race-best bike split of 2:21:48 wearing his Rudy Project Wing57 aero helmet. While he managed to stay head of Yvan Jarrige of France for the majority of the race and even extend his lead to 16 seconds on the run, Jarrige dug deep to beat Chrabot’s 1:18:36 run by a mere 8 seconds and come in first. The second place win marks Chrabot’s first European career podium.

“The performances by our athletes so far this year has been historic,” said Chris Lupo, Director of Sports Marketing for Rudy Project North America. “They are producing some spectacular wins, and it’s a credit to how hard they train when they leave it all on the course like this.”

Continue to cheer on Rudy Project triathletes with us as we move into the second half of triathlon season, with the big dance in Kona less than 15 weeks away! Follow us, and our athletes on social media: @RudyProjectNA

Ben Kanute: @benkanute
Cam Dye: @camdyetri
Sarah Haskins: @sarahhaskinstri
Matt Chrabot: @mattchrabot
Daniela Sämmler: @danielasaemmler
Andreas Dreitz: @andi_dreitz
Yvonne van Vlerken: @yvonnevanvlerken


Photos: Paul Phillips / Competitive Image

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