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Header image: The Pack Montreal fixie racing, photo courtesy of Gazed Photography



Calling all age group triathletes in Canada and the United States: if you win your age group in a full distance triathlon in the US or Canada, we'll reward you with a FREE Boost 01 road aero helmet and a free pair of Tralyx sunglasses. All you need to do is submit your race results on our website here.  



Outside Magazine named Rudy Project's new Sintryx, our first mountain bike specific sunglasses, as one of the Best Sunglasses of 2018. Calling the lenses glass-like in clarity, Outside Magazine wrote the Sintryx has "springy frames hug the head to keep the Sintryx in place no matter what.  Though gusts swatted me around and dust blew, my eyes were safe and completely comfy behind the big lenses, which are cleverly vented to kill fog." 


The great Race Across America started in Oceanside, CA on June 12th (June 16 for teams). Racers will take on 3000 miles of the Toughest Bicycle Race in world, traversing the entire continent all the way to Annapolis, Maryland. This year Austrian Christoph Strasser is going for his fifth win, and RAAM's first team of all blind athletes riding tandem with sighted riders. To get stoked for this year, we'd encourage you to watch GODSPEED, the story of a two man team overcoming obstacles through faith, endurance, and sheer grit. If you missed it on its May 22nd premiere, you can catch an encore screening on June 26. Locations and tickets available on the website.


Inside the Frame: Designer David Michaud

 Swiss designer David Michaud is the artistic spirit behind all things Rudy Project. The mission of Rudy Project, to create and design technical performance eyewear, informs everything he designs, over 30 years after the company's inception. Read the full interview here with 2020 Magazine.


BOOST 01 vs WING57 featuring James Lawrence

 Which one? Wind tunnel testing shows that our Wing57 is still the the helmet to beat when it comes to speed, but what if you're after even more ventilation? What about different body positions? We talked to the IronCowboy himself, James Lawrence, who has raced and trained in both helmets for more miles than we can count. Read his full take.

Father's Day: Celebrating Dads
(Sport Prescription)

 Dad, we love you. And if you don't want another tie (which, why would you), can we introduce you Rudy Project's entire line of sport prescription eyewear? Readers, direct-in-frame, optical adapters - all in stylish performance and casual frames. Need more convincing? An optical professional of 30 years, Bruce Barry, writes about the advantages of getting your Rx for life AND sport. Read on...


Protera and Sintryx:

The new Protera MTB helmet from Rudy Project is feature-loaded and send-ready. Tackle daunting lines knowing that you're protected with this ultra-light, well-ventilated lid that sports an adjustable retention system, removable straps, and a desert-worthy visor. Couple that with the Sintryx sunglasses, loaded with our new Polar3FX polarized, mirrored lenses, and you get an unbeatable combo that loves. Read more...


First Triathlon:
Everything You Need From Gear Patrol

 The team over at Gear Patrol is the final word on all things gear. For them to include Rudy Project in their 'Your First Triathlon' gear round up is phenomenal, but not surprising considering Rudy Project helmets have been the #1 Most Worn Helmet at the holy triathlon race that is Kona.  “I do not advise skimping on a helmet. We only have one head,” said Equinox triathlon coach Dana Staggs. “Buy a new helmet with proper safety ratings from a reputable bike or triathlon shop. My current is the Rudy Project Sterling." See the rest of their recommendations in the full article here.


Triathlon on the Silver Screen: We Are Triathletes

Looking for a stirring triathlon story? Funded by Bob Babbitt of Challenged Athlete Foundation and Breakfast with Bob, We Are Triathletes is a film following 6 triathletes from 4 different countries (US, China, Germany, and Australia) and tells their stories of how they train and prepare for Challenge Roth, the world’s largest full distance triathlon race in Germany. The film launches Wednesday, August 8th, in 160 theaters around the US for one night only. Find a location near you, and take your team, posse, or anyone you want to be just as psyched about triathlon as you. Tickets and locations here.

Kerosene USA

Little known fact about the legendary US Postal Service team from the heydays of cycling: Rudy Project was the team's eyewear sponsor in the late 90's and early 2000's. Their frame of choice? The Kerosene, for its massive lenses, uncompromising field of view, and adjustability. In this year's Tour de France, we'll be watching three teams - Bahrain-Merida with Vincenzo Nibali, Trek-Segafredo, and Lotto-Soudal, all sporting the Tralyx and Tralyx XL to tackle the grandest of the Grand Tours. See you after the 4th of July!



WINNING WEEKEND: Escape From Alcatraz, MBK and Jackson Battle

It was a race weekend for the ages with Ben Kanute and Cam Dye going 1 and 2 at the Escape From Alcatraz podium, and Heather Jackson and Meredith Kessler facing off again in Raleigh, in their Chattanooga rematch. For the full weekend download and to find out where else Rudy Project was on the podium, read our recap. 


Kikkan Randall: The Exit Interview

The legend Kikkanimal announced her retirement this past spring, after a history-making finish to her career with a gold medal in Pyong Chang. Now, looking forward to her new path as a US Olympic Committee athlete ambassador, Kikkan got with to remember the past and look ahead to what the future might bring. Read Part 1 and Part 2 for the whole story.




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Beach volleyball star Megan Wallin gave back to the environment that is her playground and office on April 6. As part of the Tom Wallin Memorial Reef, Megan partnered with local vendors and coastal organizations to deploy 61,000 pounds of 'reef balls' and other reef augmentation materials off the coast of Florida. It was long time dream of her father, Tom Wallin, to enhance marine ecology. "This was my dad's dream," said Megan. "Creating a healthy habitat for marine life for generations to come."


Charlie Kimball - Indy 500 Performance

When you think of legendary Indy 500 race car drivers tackling 200 miles a day for the storied race, Charlie Kimball may not come to mind immediately. Out of the 7 Indy 500 races Charlie started before this past one in May, he has 4 top ten finishes - an impressive statistic when you take into account that of the 6 drivers that are still active and top the record, all have raced more Indy 500 races than him. In May, he raced his 8th Indy 500 race driving the #23 Carlin Motorsport Chevrolet and came home with a 16th place finish, a stellar finish for a team that's brand new on the racing scene.


The hills were steep, the desert was hot, and the finishes epic during the 101st Giro d'Italia Grand Tour cycling race this past May. The three teams sporting Rudy Project battled hard, with Lotto-Soudal Classics star Tim Wellens taking a triumphant stage win with an uphill finish. Read the full race recap here.



Rudy Project adventure athlete, Ray Zahab, is preparing for another hot expedition! Following his 1,200mile run across Namibia this past February with fellow Rudy athlete Stefano Gregoretti, Ray and Will Laughlin will attempt their second complete offroad crossing of Death Valley National Park this July. A distance of 120 miles, the duo will navigate river washes, salt pans and dunes on their way from rim to rim in the valley. Use the code Rudy15 for a discount at any one of Ray's trail running races he hosts in Quebec, Canada - more info at



The woman who needs no introduction - Meredith Kessler was recently voted the Greatest American Triathlete of all Time, with another Rudy Project pro favorite Heather Jackson coming in second in the reader survey. It's good to be the queen. Read the whole story.


The US's most popular cycling tour enraptured audiences for a solid week in May. It proved to be an epic race for Trek-Segafredo rider Toms Skujuins, who won Stage 3 with a 3 second solo finish after tackling the pyramid-like Mt Diablo peak outside of San Jose. Skujiuns finished the race wearing the pink-dotted KOM jersey, a proud finish for the young rider who was also key in helping his team, Trek-Segafredo, come in second in overall team standings.



What's as hardcore as Xterra racing, with the added challenge of hiking, paddling, and wayfinding? Adventure racing! Bro team Journey Racing trains an elite team and competes around the country, in addition to putting on their own races in Colorado. Next up? The NOMAD, the Never Summer Adventure Race, and The Crippler, a 60 mile ride with 5,000 feet in vertical elevation game. Faint of heart need not apply. Find out more at



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