Rudy Project Launches Customizable, Lightweight Performance Sunglass for 2017: the Fotonyk

Denver, CO – Rudy Project, Italian crafters of award-winning performance sunglasses since 1985, is thrilled to announce the newest addition to the brand’s 2017 performance sunglass lineup: the Fotonyk. Formulated from years of intense research with the world’s top athletes and the result of countless hours of design, the Fotonyk boasts cutting-edge features, superior comfort, and breathtaking structure seamlessly blended into one masterpiece.


fotonyk_blackmatte_special-478“Everyone at Rudy couldn’t be more proud and excited to unveil the Fotonyk sunglass to our athletes, pros and weekend warriors alike, the ultimate gear piece they won’t even notice is on and definitely won’t want to take off,” said Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of Rudy Project North America. “Our design team spent years dreaming up a sunglass that is functional, fast, practically weightless at 0.89 ounces and, more importantly, totally customizable.  A perfect match for any sport or any kit, the Fotonyk is sure to show up on the faces of all types of athletes all over the world wanting to show their colors and personal style.”


The Fotonyk contains a range of technologies, but the most distinctive feature is the new Lens Bumper system. Crafted from a soft and resilient polymer, the bumpers offer enhanced protection to the face during falls or impacts, all while offering a customizable and unique look. Independently mounted on the frame and secured with a smart lock system, the bumpers can be removed to create a half-rim lens with an unobstructed view. Bumpers are available in an array of colors, and are interchangeable for individual style.




In addition to an ultra-light yet robust design, the Fotonyk features air channels strategically placed at the top of the lens where heat accumulates during activity. Building on Rudy Project’s award-winning Vent Controller system, users can easily manage the internal airflow with a single click up or down of the lens, bringing their comfort experience to a whole new level. This feature is ideal for contact lens wearers and sweaty workouts. Air also circulates in and out through large vents inside the temples, which ensures reduced aerodynamic drag and optimized fog control. These frames additionally feature the new ErgonoseX, allowing the user to fully adjust the nosepiece.


Always at the peak of optical science, Rudy Project is committed to deliver unsurpassed visual performance. The Fotonyk is available with many lens configurations including ImpactX®, the world’s most advanced photochromic lens technology, engineered to ensure unbeatable eye protection and visual acuity. The Fotonyk also offers a brand new Multilaser Blue lens option, joining Rudy Project’s much-lauded and distinctive multilaser lens collection.


Like all Rudy Project sunglasses, the Fotonyk is backed by Rudy Project’s unbeatable 3 Year Frame Warranty and industry-leading Replacement Lens Guarantee. That means consumers can opt to replace scratched lenses for a nominal processing fee, no questions asked. Grab yourself a pair of the Fotonyk today on or at any authorized dealer.



About Rudy Project

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