Road to Kona: Andy Potts

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How do we even begin to introduce Andy Potts? Reciting his many titles and accolades doesn’t really do justice to the athlete who encourages other people daily to go out and train their hearts out, or describe the fact that he’s a dedicated father, a tireless ambassador for the sport, and works hard to leave the sport better than he found it.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

For as long as I could remember, I wanted to be an Olympian. I spent my childhood dreaming of representing my country and feel so fortunate to have had the chance to do so.


What is on your mind as you prepare for Kona?

It depends on the day. Sometimes I am thinking about what I can be doing differently, sometimes I am thinking about what I am going to have for lunch. With that, there are three things that I am constantly thinking about in my training and life: 1- Consistent Improvement: What can I be doing today that will make me better than I was yesterday. 2- Push Your Potential: In training, we are constantly going to ‘the edge’ and looking over to try and find what is possible. I spend most days figuring out how to go further. 3- Give Me Five: I’m sure many people can relate, the daily grind of having to self-motivate and ‘go to the well’ when you are tired and sore is not easy. So, I am always telling myself- ‘give me five minutes of effort, give me five more percent, give me five more reps’. Pretty much anything to find that extra push that I need.


What are three of your travel essentials?

How about 4? I use my MarcPro device pretty much any time I am not training so this is more like an everyday essential than a travel essential. My kids make fun of me all the time because I am always ‘twitching’ because the device is flushing out my muscles. My CEP Compression socks and/or tights are a ‘go-to’ for travel. They keep my legs feeling fresh on longer flights have the added bonus of keeping me warm when it gets chilly. A good book is also a must-have. There is nothing like diving into a good book on a long flight or in a quiet hotel room. Last but not least, I do not know how I would manage all of my travel without TriBike Transport. I travel a lot for races and TriBike Transport makes it effortless. There are times where my bike does not ‘come home’ for months at a time and I can always count on it to arrive on race day in perfect condition and ready to rock.


What do you see as your biggest strength going into Kona?

Like any race, your strength comes from preparation and belief. I am doing my best to prepare and will arrive on race day knowing that I am ready.  Knowing the course certainly helps but nothing can substitute for internal confidence.


What was the last gift you gave someone?

Good question.  My son gave me his latest book in the Percy Jackson Series. I love reading what he is reading and it allows us to connect in yet another way.


What makes Kona different from any other race?

It’s on an island in the middle of the ocean. It is really hot. There is a more competitive field than any other race.


What is your favorite Rudy Project piece of equipment?

Would I ask you to pick your favorite kid? Really tough question as I like different Rudy Project products for very different reasons. For example- I love wearing the Boost 01 helmet in training as I cannot even tell I have it on, but in races I am typically in the Wing57 because the aero profile fits perfectly with my shoulders and bike position. From a practical perspective, I wear the Spinhawk Prescription RX glasses everyday so I can see what I am doing; so those are pretty important too.


What do you love about the triathlon community?

What’s not to love- the shaved legs, tight fitting clothing, and type A personalities.

The triathlon community is amazing and one of my top goals is to build the community. This past year, I have gotten to meet so many great people at our AP Racing camps, at race finish lines and around events. I love that we can really connect with each other and share in similar experiences while all trying to improve and find our own best.


What would make this a perfect season for you?

I spend every season and everyday trying to find my best and as long as I give my best and bring the absolute best attitude and effort, it is the only thing I could ask for. Oh, and winning lotto…that would be good too.


How do you like to spend a day off?

My days off are special. My wife, Lisa (the best chef ever), and my kids prepare a monster pancake breakfast and we try to eat outside. It is a special time that I look forward to every week. We then try to have some sort of family activity or depending on the time of year are shuttling around to various kids commitments, sports games or spending time at the pool with our friends. The focus of the day always center around the family.

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