RECORD BREAKING – Qualifying for Race Across America on a Fixed Gear

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Occasionally a story lands in our inbox that we can’t help but pay attention to. Joe Lawhorn is an athlete for Team Dayton out of Ohio, and his team is sponsored by Rudy Project. He sent us the most epic story in the most understated way – via a Facebook message, he just let us know that he had just qualified for Race Across America wearing our Boost 01 road aero helmet, and, here’s the kicker – he did it on a fixed gear TT bike, with a 50 x 15 gear ratio, a similar ratio to the gearing used on track bikes.

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RP: Which race did you complete?

JL: I raced the Mid-Atlantic 24 Hour Time Trial, which is a 26 mile loop in North Carolina. Anyone who does the 24 hour race and completes over 400 miles qualifies for RAAM. They also offer a 12 hour drafting race, and you can do it as a single, 2 person, or 4 person team.


What were the race conditions like?

I was planning on racing in my traditional TT helmet, but with the heat advisory and the ‘real feel’ heat index hitting 115 degrees – normal in North Carolina in August – I went with the Boost 01 road aero helmet.


How did the helmet help you?

I wore the helmet the full 24 hours and never had a problem, and I firmly believe it helped with my success. I was able to keep aerodynamic advantage, while keeping air flowing through the helmet, plus being able to move my head around more without feeling the tail of the helmet catching wind was a great help. I did have the shield across the front. Then once the heat really became a factor I removed the shield to get ventilation.

raam rudy project wing57 joe lawhorn

How did the race go?

I took third overall! And then the “Great Cycling Network” awarded me the “Wattage Bazooka Award” that same week.

This past weekend Joe raced the 6-12-24 World’s Time Trial Championship in Borrego Springs, and raced in the fixed gear category. Joe rode 415.2 miles in 24 hours wearing his Rudy Project Wing57 and knocked the world record out of the park, winning the World Championship in the fixie category.


All photos courtesy of Joe Lawhorn.

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