New Rudy Project Sailing Eyewear for 2012: Genetyk Hydrosailing Polarized Sunglasses

“Wave-proof” sunglasses for water sports enthusiasts

DENVER, COWaves, spray, and rough seas should never prevent water sports enthusiasts from seeing clearly while enjoying the open water.  Keeping this in mind and aiming to eliminate the distraction of irritating reflections, glare and drops on the lenses, Rudy Project designed its brand-new Genetyk Hydrosailing “wave-proof” sunglasses, combining perfect vision and total glare protection with a face-hugging fit and RX-ability.

The Genetyk Hydrosailing frames fit the unique hydrophobic and polarized lenses – Polar3FX™ Hydroteck – engineered with an interior anti-reflection feature and scratch resistance, giving the finest in optical performance.  For the first time, Rudy Project has applied Hydroteck hydrophobic treatment to both sides of the lenses.  This innovation prevents water droplets from remaining on the lens, ensuring a clean surface and clear, perfect vision even in critical situations, such as when you’re racing or in the rain.


“While out on water or in the rain, whether it be for work or play, the last thing you should be worrying about are water drops on your sunglasses,” remarked Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of Rudy Project North America.  “The Genetyk Hydrosailing frames and the Polar3FX™ Hydroteck lenses are revolutionary in the world of water sports, helping you see clearly with smooth sailing.”


The Polar3FX™ Hydroteck lens also includes Rudy Project’s latest polarizing film technology that eliminates glare from reflective surfaces to increase visual comfort.  This lens has a filter category of 3 and an 11.3% light transmission.  And for those with vision correction needs, this shade surpasses the limits in the sport sunglass arena with its highly refined RX option, allowing even the most visually challenged athletes to enjoy the benefits of high performance lenses with our low-profile, lightweight optical insert.


Ultra-light, comfortable, tough and face hugging: the Genetyk Hydrosailing is made to last, thanks to its stainless steel hardware. Its soft rubber temple tips and adjustable nosepiece promise stability, custom face fit and air circulation to prevent fogging. This sunglass is an ideal choice for practicing water sports without eye fatigue, letting you enjoy a perfect perception of the varying sea shades.

Genetyk Hydrosailing comes with a black gloss frame, a hard case and soft case, as well as a floatable sunglass cord just in case the shades make their way overboard.  And as always the new line has a lifetime Replacement Lens Guarantee whereby if you scratch ‘em for any reason, we replace them for a nominal S/H fee.  Go Play!

About Rudy Project
Rudy Project designs and manufactures hi-tech sunglasses, goggles and helmets by applying the most advanced science and technology. Designed and made in Italy, Rudy Project has been distributed throughout North America since 1998.  Rudy Project is known for providing the absolute best RX solutions for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.  In addition to Rudy Project’s unparalleled customer service standards, its products are always on the cutting edge of technological innovations, using two superior lens technologies: RP Optics™ and ImpactX™.  Rudy Project offers a Lifetime Replacement Lens Guarantee and 3 year frame warranty.  Learn more about Rudy Project at


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