New Industry Leading RX Warranty: – 1-Year RX Replacement Lens Guarantee

Rudy Project has taken the reins to become the leader in RX sports by successfully applying breakthrough prescription technologies to our unique lens and frame designs. We’ve announced the industry-leading One-Year Authentic Rudy Project RX Lens Replacement Guarantee that covers scratching, pitting and chipping. Now you can have the confidence to rock your sport lenses hard, knowing if they are scratched while you’re tearing it up, Rudy will replace them for a nominal co-pay.

Rudy Project is a forward-thinking, innovative company – this Replacement Lens Guarantee on Rx lenses is just one example of how Rudy provides a value-added service to our active lifestyle community.

Hear what our clients have to say about our rocking Rx technology

“They are much lighter than their clip-on insert predecessor, fit snugly to the face, have been stripped of extraneous parts, seem to incorporate superior construction materials, and are very adjustable and comfortable. Having used Rudy Project sunglasses for many years, I am impressed with the company’s design evolution and refinement to address issues that emerge during use in many different sports,” said Jeff Angermann, PhD, assistant professor of Environmental and Occupational Health at University of Nevada.

“I got the Rx insert last week and gave it a try on a 4 1/2 hour run with plenty of technical sections. I climbed more that 5,000’ that day. Overall, my feedback is that the set-up was solid,” said Cyril Jay-Rayon, founder and team captain of nuun-SportMulti.

“I wear Rudy Project sunglasses; the frames are lightweight and well balanced. After wearing Rudy’s FreeForm Tek lens in progressive, my peripheral vision is greatly improved and the transition from near to far Rx is comfortable and natural.  Add with the interchangeable lens technology, I’m set for every light condition Mother Nature can bring on,” says Wendy Black, Rudy Project’s Rx Manager.

The details

Building on the popularity of our “industry first” Plano Replacement Lens Guarantee (RLG) – we are proud to launch a One-Year RX Lens Warranty on Authentic Rx Lenses done by our lab that covers manufacturer defects, scratches, pitting and chipping. Abuse, negligent or improper care are not covered. All customers will pay is a modest co-pay with their eye doctor to have their damaged lenses redone in the same lens material with the same RX. This warranty can be exercised once per year, per original purchase and the warranty determination will be authenticated by Rudy.

Order your RX today at and pick them up at your local Eye Care Professional or use one of our own.


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