Boost 01 vs. Wing57 – ft. James Lawrence, IronCowboy

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The man who literally needs no introduction, but we’ll give him one anyway. It will not do his long resume justice though. James Lawrence skyrocketed to fame in 2015, when he completed 50 iron-distance triathlons (2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking, and 26.2 miles of running) in 50 states in just 50 days. James has since gone on to complete several extreme triathlons, including Norseman, Swissman, Celtman, and Alaskaman all in the space of a year, and summited Mt Kilimanjaro on a mountain bike in 2017. He also holds the Guinness World Record for 30 full IRONMAN 140.6 distance races in one year. He travels the world, coaching and taking on motivational speaking engagements, all while being a father to five children and continuing his triathlon training.


It could be said that James has put more miles in our helmets than any other triathlete, and that made him the ideal expert to compare our popular Wing57 full TT helmet to the Boost 01 road aero helmet. In his own words, he takes us through what he likes and loves about the two helmets. 


“The most important thing to consider when picking out a helmet, and something that’s often overlooked, is the fit of a helmet. Fit is always most important as it has a direct reflection on the effectiveness of the helmet. Good thing Rudy Project helmets are super comfortable. Then I have to make sure I look good – if you think you’re fast, you are fast!

I did the 50-50-50 challenge wearing the Wing57, and the big shift I noticed was that I just FELT faster. When I felt discouraged or slow, I’d put the Wing57 on to shift my mindset. I love the removable visor (on both helmets). I love my entire collection of Rudy Project glasses, but there are some days when you just don’t want anything touching your face, which makes the visor an awesome feature. And that jet stream tail on the Wing57 – pure cool factor. Compared to the Boost 01, the Wing57 has that swept back, pure speed look and feel."


On the Boost 01 – "I have used the Boost 01 in short and long-distance competitions. I competed in IRONMAN Cozumel in the Boost 01 and did a very cool 280 mile triathlon relay through Utah where Team Iron Cowboy set the course record. I also do many of my training rides in the Boost 01.

Both helmets are super light and comfortable. Both helmets breathe well with the customizable airflow inserts; I’ve used both in very hot conditions and didn’t feel like I was overheating. I like I can train in the Boost 01 and not feel like I’m wearing an ‘aero helmet.’


For me, and my riding position, I will admit that I sometimes drop my head, look down, and zone out. This gives my neck a welcome break. With the Boost 01 I don’t sacrifice as much of an aero advantage. So if you find yourself sitting up a lot or dropping your head, I’d suggest the Boost 01. When I am fully committed to the aero position and have done the proper amount of training I rock the Wing57. I haven’t taken any of them into a wind tunnel though – maybe one day, that could be fun!

For triathletes that are just getting started and looking for a helmet, look for protection first. Rudy has you covered there. Unfortunately, I’ve crashed more than once. Second, comfort, then looking good, which is a guarantee with Rudy. Getting adjusted to all the new things in triathlon like TT bikes, wetsuits, spandex, the last thing you want to think about is your head being unprotected or uncomfortable.”


Follow James Lawrence on Instagram (@ironcowboyjames) and Facebook (@ironcowboy).

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