Back and Forth: Cam Dye and Ben Kanute

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This past weekend Cam Dye turned 34 and notched his fifth win at the Philadelphia Escape Triathlon. The slightly hilly course lends itself well to and super swimmer turned aggressive biker like Cam, and he threw everything he had into the race. Shadowing him through the swim and the bike was Olympian Ben Kanute, who had beaten Cam by 7 seconds to win Escape from Alcatraz three weeks prior. Two miles into the run, Ben overtook Cam and surged slightly ahead at the 4 mile mark, with 2.2 miles in the race left to go. In the heat and humidity, Cam dug deep and narrowed the gap, retaking the lead and stretching it out to a solid 35 seconds to take the tape. Upon crossing the finish line, Cam lifted it triumphantly over his head – it was a shining moment, practically gift-wrapped.



"Getting the better of Ben in Philly was definitely a rewarding performance,” said Cam after the race. “I was so close at Alcatraz a couple weeks ago it was awesome to be on the winning side this time. He and I have and will continue to have plenty of good battles on the course, and he is such a great guy that it makes a it a lot of fun. Then when it’s over we can go grab a beer and move onto the next race.”

Knowing Cam it might be a whiskey, as we learned in his profile. The native Boulderite has been one of Rudy Project’s longest-running (pun-intended) sponsored athletes, coming on board at the beginning of his career.

“Having been with Rudy Project for over a decade now has been phenomenal and it’s a testament both to how old I am, turning 34 yesterday, as well as the quality and loyalty of the company to its athletes. I'd have to look it up but I can say with almost certainty that I have been wearing Rudy helmets and glasses during every win of my career and that is something I definitely don't take for granted."

But we also know how competitive Ben is (read his profile to find out just HOW driven he is.. So the only question is, when they face off again, who will take the tape?

Rivalries among Rudy Project athletes are not uncommon – when you sponsor the best in the world, it’s unavoidable. Our other favorite back and forth we’re watching this season is triathlon titans Meredith Kessler and Heather Jackson jostle for the top step of the podium at races across the country. Heather chased Meredith down in Chattanooga 70.3 to take first. Meredith obviously took notes, because she came back to Raleigh 70.3 with a vengeance and took first to Heather’s second.

It’s shaping up to be a stellar season! Only 15 weeks to Kona!


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